Kelli Oliver George

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Kelli Oliver George


I am also known as Cagey - a weak attempt at word twist on anonymity and my initials. I write about the trivial pursuits of my little life at Rancid Raves.  It is a life with a husband, two kids and pets.  Oh, yes - ANIMALS.  We have 3 cats, 2 tarantulas and 1 dog.  If that is not enough, my husband is from India and so we have this whole "Third Culture" thing going on.  Or rather, we would, if my husband were not so damned westernized.  No lilting accent, no head bob.  Dammit.  To be sure, this thrilling tale of mixed race domesticity between two liberally minded individuals living in a red, red state could be spiced up a bit.

Besides social media, I enjoying reading (anything!), knitting (scarves, hats!), television (Parks n Rec, Modern Family, The Office, Antiques Roadshow and anything on HBO!) and cooking (food!)  I enjoy cooking Indian the most, but do love Italian, Mediterranean and Thai as well.  Lately, I have been exploring Mexican cooking and am astounded at the possibilites. I think that overall, cooking is becoming a lost art and that cooking does NOT have to be fancy to be tasty.  I  believe cooking is actually accessible and that anyone, truly, can cook.  However, I cannot bake.  Don't ask.

My sordid career past has included DST Systems, Coopers & Lybrand, Ernst &Young, HR Block, and finally, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.  Then, I waddled my pregnant butt out of the door to stay home full-time with my kids.  And did not look back.

I am also one of the contributors in the book Sleep is for the Week, edited by Rita Arens.

Something that might surprise you about me: I went to Pakistan for 6 weeks in the summer of 1993 and not once did I feel unsafe.  Even in Peshawar!!