Jen's Official Holiday Gift Guide-KID Edition

Boy or Girl, makes no difference for this post. I'm all for the end of the once taboo and gender stereotypical tides of Christmas past. Here, everyone wins!...more



The Life of a Non-Average Blogger

I was reading this post on BlogHer about a woman who started blogging about a year ago and she wrote about how awkward the process was. I mean, you put yourself out there and, at first, it's really difficult. For the first few months or maybe more, you are simply writing and sending your thoughts across the Web and not really knowing if the message is being received by anyone. So you build followers through time and your work typically gets better with time too, and you hope that one day people will look forward to your posts and maybe feel connected to your life in some way. Because really isn't that why most bloggers blog? We like to share. We like to be heard. We like the acknowledgement and the connection. ...more
Just found this piece (thanks to your reaching out on twitter) and I love it. I am also figuring ...more

What Does It Mean To Be An Adult-And Other Ramblings

Last week was chock full of adventure. I kicked off Monday morning by stepping in poop. L's poop to be precise. I know, what is it with me and poop all the time? Note: Kids=excessive poop stories. It happened, I'm over it....more

All Roads Lead You Here Series: A Closed Door

We were sitting in a booth across from each other, chatting lightheartedly while waiting for our food to arrive. It had been a great afternoon, a look at what Spring would bring over the next few months.The air smelled of fresh blooms, of new life and new opportunities. My phone rang just as I was taking my first bite of food. I gulped it down quickly and pressed answer. My mother was calling to tell me that a letter had come for me....more

Telling it Like it Is

Ideally, I'd like to talk about how amazing and easy the past few weeks have been. How I've never felt so alive and interconnected to the world. How having another child has brought me this new and energized sense of purpose. But then of course, I'd be lying.Not one to typically complain, I've struggled with how to put my feelings into words....more

In The Face of Fear


Hitchhiking with Buddy

This is an older post I came across from June of 2011, but it made me laugh (and cringe) all over again, so thought I would share:I’ve done some crazy things in my life, but none quite rival my hitchhiking adventure. It was shortly after I moved in with Mr. B. I was 18 with a steady job, but no license. Most days, Mr. B was able to get me from Point A to Point B, but on this particular day he wasn’t able to. I decided I would just walk to work, even though it was across town. No sooner had I set out, an old pickup truck pulled up beside me....more

Second Pregnancy Blues

I'm a bit of a sporadic Blogher poster. Between working part-time, chasing after my 17 month old, attempting to be Martha Stewart and focusing on the full-time job of my personal blog and photography, I just don't have any spare time to devote to it. Tonight is an exception, however. Tonight, I feel the huge weight of something on my heart and I can't blog about it on my personal page. Too many family members and friends read it and I don't want to hurt or offend anyone. But I have to get it off my chest.......more
 @JennaHatfield Thank you for taking the time to comment and post your experience. I'm not about ...more

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