I am the product of a fusion of cultures and traditions. My father who was Cuban was the cook in our home, and an amazing cook at that! He loved the kitchen, I’m sure that’s where I got my love for the kitchen.

My sweet-tooth on the other hand I seemed to have inherited from my mother, who is Mexican. She didn’t really spend much time in the kitchen growing up, and never really “learned” how to cook. But, somehow she managed to learn how to make Dulces (candies and preserves), Gelatinas (Gelatins), and with the help of a few recipes would make the occasional cake.  And, I can't seem to recall a Christmas without homemade Christmas cookies.

Although most of my waking hours are spent in an office, I somehow manage to always make time to cook, bake, and of course whip up a cocktail or two.

Writing my blog has brought me so much joy, it has allowed me to meet some truly wonderful people, embrace my love for the kitchen (especially dessert), and hopefully make a few of you hungry for dessert!