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I created a website that is not about trying to make anyone into the... read more

Jenny Angell


I created a website that is not about trying to make anyone into the perfect mom or trying to raise the perfect kid.

It’s about Thinking on Purpose and feeling good….because THAT effects EVERY area of our life.

In the past I’ve made the mistake of focusing my thoughts on what I didn’t want (instead of what I did want) and then was shocked by how terrible I felt.

Then I learned that what I focus on expands. I had been creating my own frustration by choosing to think about what I DIDN’T want. I was worrying about money, worrying while my husband was away on business trips, being jealous of his relationships with co-workers, worrying about my kids… you get the idea.

After worrying and feeling bad, and then feeling worse because my moods were effecting my family, I realized some important things… I am the only one who can change my thoughts. No one can or will do it for me.

AND I better change them quickly because I don’t like the world I’m living in, and NEWSFLASH, I created it with my thoughts! I intentionally shifted my focus off my fears, and put it on things that I love and am grateful for.The results were nothing short of miraculous! The big lesson…. choose my thoughts wisely.

I’m responsible to create my own worldview, my own happiness, my own future…and it all starts with how I think.

How we think impacts how we feel. How we feel determines how we act and treat others. Our actions determine our results in life… they create our world. Want to change something in your world? Anything? Then it’s time to think on purpose.  Happy thoughts… Happy lives…Happy world.

That simple. Simple, but not easy. That’s why we’ve created  these affirmations and the Think-on-Purpose Challenge to give you a fresh start every morning. Here’s how the Think-on-Purpose Challenge works:

For the first ten days, Start your morning by listening to a different affirmation. You will think on purpose… you WILL feel good. It will impact your world bringing peace, freedom, inspiration, and happiness…enjoy!

For the second ten days, listen to a different affirmation each morning and SHARE with whoever comes to mind. It could be a friend. Could be your kids. Could be a teacher. Maybe it’s your mom. Share on facebook, share in an email, share what your listening to from you phone…just share. Finally, for the third ten days, listen to an affirmation with a notebook and pen nearby. When you’re done listening, write down what inspires you. It may be more affirmations articulated in a way that you create. It may be some action steps that you see to take. Capture in writing whatever moves you. Share what you wrote with someone you love. (Bloggers...Blog it!!!)

To get started: Go to 

  • Download the mp3 of all the affirmations.
  • Listen to a different one every day.
  • Send them to your friends.
  • Email us your results through our Contact page and we will post them on with your permission

What would the world look like if we all took the “Think-on-Purpose Challenge” together?

Let’s find out!

Download them all @