Why Do We Act Like "Just a Mom" Is a Bad Thing?

Usually when I hear the phrase "just a mom" it has a negative connotation. It's as though being a mom is not nearly enough, and it somehow needs to be prefaced with "just" to emphasize this. In fact, moms are often the ones who are using this phrase in such as way. We downplay all we do and belittle ourselves. I, however, decided that being just a mom was just what I needed....more
I decided not to go back to work after I had my baby three months ago and I surprised myself ... more

Beyoncé at the Super Bowl: Empowered or Objectified?

Given that Super Bowl halftime is all about the spectacle and almost never about the music—hence the ridiculous stages with crazy technical features like last night’s pop-up screen that showed the audience multiple Beyoncés all at once—I figured that even if I didn’t like the music, I could witness the spectacle and maybe learn more about why Beyoncé is such a dominant force in music. On that score, I’m somewhat conflicted. ...more
First, I'm in no way a Beyonce fan.  I'm just not into her.  But do I care if she jiggles around ... more

Has Anyone Read Still Alice?

Hi! I'm new to groups, so I'm not sure if there's already a discussion started. I finished reading Lisa Genova's Still Alice recently. It's been a long time since I've been moved by a book but this one was great. The main character has Alzheimer's, and it's told from her perspective.It really helped me understand how my Grandmother must see the world now. I wish everyone in my family would read this book. Check it out if you haven't yet. :-)http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/2153405.Still_Alice Trinka Polite ~~Poet & Author

The Women's Vote in 2012

In 2008, nearly 10 million more women than men voted in a presidential election decided by less than 9 million votes. If recent polls are a guide, the 2012 election will be a closer contest where every vote will count, especially those of women. --Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University Before we talk about the all-important women’s vote and how it’s going to play out in the election, let’s start with a brief history lesson: ...more
I'm more offended by people who think I should vote with my vagina. Have GOP candidates said ... more

Why We Can't Open The Windows Inside A Plane

Mitt Romney is shocked that you can't open the windows in a commercial airliner. A fifth grader could tell you this isn't a good idea, but I thought this was a good opportunity to learn just how exactly air travel and our bodies' needs intersect. To answer the question, I hit up Michael Habib, Assistant Professor of Cell and Neurobiology at the University of Southern California, who also happens to be a world expert on the mechanics of animal flight and bio-inspired robotics. ...more
He didn't say anything about "rolling down" windows.  I'm so sick of people taking what he said ... more

Should I Give My Boyfriend a Marriage Ultimatum?

Whenever I talk to my boyfriend about planning our future life together his answer is always the same: "You know that I love you and we already share money, an apartment, and (formerly) a car so what more do you need?" I need progress. Should I give him a marriage ultimatum? ...more
For me, a ring and a piece of paper don't equal commitment.  I'm not at all anti-marriage, I'm ... more

Chanting U-S-A! Patriotic or Racist?

During the past few weeks I’ve heard that USA chant more times than I'd like. At the Republican National Convention, the crowds started chanting "U-S-A!" during certain speeches. Then, last week, while I was sitting in the bleachers at the Democratic National Convention, the Time-Warner Arena rocked with the call, “Fired Up!" and response, "Ready to Go!” and the cheers of “Four More Years!”....more
I will never think that the swell of pride for our country that builds when large groups of ... more

Stale 'War on Women' Rhetoric Underscores Tone-Deaf DNC

It's bad enough when men regard women as single-issue voters, but it's insulting when women buy into that brainless nonsense.Hence, the entire one-trick pony "war on women" of a Democratic National Convention agenda this week showcased a party bereft of fresh ideas for women, unless they happen to think of little more than their reproductive systems.No question that women's issues post-Roe v. Wade must and will always include concerns about reproductive health....more
I think every woman in this country should be deeply offended by the way the Democrats are ... more

Protecting You From Yourselves

One of things I loved the most about Jessica Spostwood's Born Wicked is that it is an alternate history. I find alternate history novels fascinating and I loved how she tweaked around the real history of the witch trials for her book. In Spotswood's story, New England is ruled by the Brothers, a religious organization that is ruled by men who fear women having power....more
The way I was a child and the way I am now, I have no doubt I'd be in trouble if I'd lived out ... more

Born That Way

In Jessica Spostwood's Born Wicked, Cate tries really hard to deny that she and her sisters are witches. Her society has told her that they are wicked and dangerous. She's tried not using her magic and that just caused it to leap out, uncontrolled, at unfortunate times. She uses it just enough to keep it in control but the magic wants out. It wants to be used and she can't completely stop it....more
I'm a humorous gal. It's easy for me to make people laugh. But I wasn't always able to embrace ... more