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Sheila Cameron, blogger at Watching the Paint Dry, is an Artist, Writer, Wife and Mother in Nevada City, California. Before that she was a tv producer, drinking buddy, web personality, t-shirt snark artist and pop culture commentator in Los Angeles, Ca. If you have ever heard of Free Katie and think it's cool, she created that. If you think it is childish or you want to physically punish anyone who pokes fun at organized religion, then she didn't have anything to do with that ridiculous moment in pop culture history. You may also know her as "kit" who ran the Project Greenlight web community and Co-Produced the first season of the Project Greenlight TV show.

June 1, 2010 her blog began 365 days of creating art, writing and raising kids. She made it the full year and learned a great deal about herself as an artist and mother. 

Bloggers Note: I love my kids, my friends, my life. I’ve made Art, TV, T-shirts, Websites and for the past six years I’ve made HUMAN BEINGS. Why is it that the last on the list seems the least exciting on a daily basis?  I continue to struggle with balancing time to paint, finish a book and getting all the permission slips in on time. I will continue my work and keep you posted on the latest plans for world domination (or at least sanity) through artistic expression.

Thanks for letting me share!