Ojos Rojos (Red Eye) Cake Balls

Ojos Rojos (Red Eye) Cake Balls  ...more
Kathy - The butterfinger balls sound absolutely amazing! These were sweet, but I can't imagine ... more

I Helped a Stranger Because She Was Someone's Daughter

While turning the corner at the hair products I saw a young girl, looking around sheepishly as if she were trying to go unnoticed. Hmm, I thought; what is she up to, clearly holding change in her hand and counting it out several times to make sure of the exact amount. I see what she is looking at: the many pads and tampons. I mean there's a whole wall of your choosing: ultras thin to maxi, with wings, without, scented unscented -- GEEZ -- that could be very scary for a first timer....more
This brought tears to my eyes. When I'm not blogging, I work part-time for a non-profit that ... more

How I Permanently Glittered My Floor

We are planning on doing our garage floor with the epoxy coating kit this winter. I need to ... more

Crafting with Crayons

[Editor's Note: Growing up in the blazing heat of Texas I was always warned against melting crayons.  Leaving a pack in the car or on the back porch in July could mean the end of my artistic endeavors for awhile.  Kelli Campbell from the Zinnia Patch has a whole different outlook on things.  Not only does she encourage her kids to melt their crayons, she gives them a hair dryer to do it. -Jen] ...more
I don't even have kids, and am overly excited to try this project. I see some new wall art in ... more

Picture Frame Crate

Suzanne Halverson at Meridian Road came up with a clever way to make a crate look classy. Her trick? Add a picture frame! This is a great idea because you can use it for anything from a kids' room to a craft space. Suzanne says:...more
I absolutely adore this. I have been looking for an all-weather bin, that is also cute, to ... more

The Accidental Locavore: Farm Boxes and a Bunch of Salads

For the past two weeks the Accidental Locavore’s farm boxes have been packed with goodies. Finally some great corn (sorry Maine, but the corn there was pretty ho-hum) the beginning of tomatoes and tiny fingerling potatoes....more
I planted okra for the 1st time this year in my garden and was also pleasantly surprised by the ... more