LGBT: Tips for Coming Out in College

You’d have never accused me of being normal in high school, but developmentally, I didn’t really stick out from the crowd. I grew up in a conservative coastal town in suburban Connecticut. I excelled in high school, had a few boyfriends, and got good grades. My longest relationship spanned two years, two proms and a break-up with the boy I thought I’d be marrying and having many geeky kids with. I left high school for Amherst, Massachusetts, confident in my sexuality, my body, and the knowledge that I’d figured it all out before the ripe old age of 18....more
Really interesting post. Arguably, all of life is a time for self-discovery since the 'self' is ...more

College Planning for Grads with Autism Spectrum Disorders

As a current college student with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), I know the going isn't easy. Over the last three years, I have come up with solutions and advice that have helped me manage issues like living alone, time management, social interaction, and securing disability accommodations, as well as creating guidelines for future snags and anticipated events. In this series, starting with the college-planning process, I hope to shed a little more light on what it's like to navigate college and provide some critical planning tools for families and students with ASD. ...more
There is some excellent advice in this article. One more support person to consider is a ...more

Top Ten Summer Rieslings for Under $25

Riesling has oft been dismissed as just another sweet white wine, but what many don’t know is it falls along a spectrum of flavors and levels of ripeness, like any other wine, and can range from chillingly bone-dry, with a razor-sharp acidity, to floral and delicate with a hint of salinity, to fruity, dense, almost botrytized (nobly rotten dessert wine grapes) in flavor, perfumed with the flavors of honey and fruit. It’s my personal favorite because of this variation, and I hope that after reading this, it will be your favorite, too....more