The Blogging Connections from Being Face-to-Face

While scrolling through my Facebook feed a few weeks ago, I caught a glimpse of some of my favorite bloggers at one of the season's first conferences. I read their tweets – brilliant little tips and sentiments picked up in one session or another, hash tagged and collected. I watched as they communicated with one another virtually in the hopes of finding one another physically. For a brief moment, I dreamed about what it would be like to be right there with them. ...more
I'd consider dressing in drag like Tom Hanks in "Bosom Buddies" to get into BlogHer. They just ...more

Mixed Os: In Our Family, We Mix Culture and Religion and, Yes, Cereal

We have a box of multigrain Cheerios in our pantry at all times. They are a breakfast staple here and my daughter asks for them regularly.She calls them "mixed Os."We stopped buying the regular, traditional Cheerios a while ago. When given the choice, she always chose mixed....more
When I taught French, I tried to showcase all Francophone countries, not just stereotypical ...more

On Being "In It" and Being Scared of Being "Out of It"

“I have two kids -- my daughter is three and my son is six months.” “Oh, you're really in it right now.” I usually smile and nod and the conversation then moves along because, as I'm learning, once you're out of "it," you don’t really want to talk about "it" anymore. You wave farewell to diapers and nursing pillows and bottles to make way for... well, I don't really know yet. School bags and homework and sports stuff, I suppose? I'll find out soon enough....more
I'm still "in" it....if you count in it as raising teenage boys. I will tell you that right ...more

Carry On

“May your past be the sound of your feet upon the ground. Carry on.”~FunFirst, let me just say that if you ever want to form a band, name it something like Smiles or Laughter or, yes, Fun. I'm not actually such a huge fan of the band but typing out, “I'm not a big fan of Fun.” just feels wrong. The uppercase just makes it worse.Still, a fan or not, I've recently become obsessed with their latest song, "Carry On." And it’s all because of that one line....more

Your Real Beauty

My girl, There is an ad campaign out and about right now that aims to say to women, "You are more beautiful than you think." This seemingly simple and positive message is creating quite a bit of buzz. Some people love the campaign, some people hate it. Some poke fun at it and many criticize it for not going far enough. As a woman who has struggled greatly with issues of self esteem, self confidence, and self love, the whole controversy interests me. I don't yet know where I stand on it but it is almost cathartic for me to think through and define my position....more

Thes Days. One More

These are the days when I want just one more minute.Of sleep.Of thought.Of writing.Of being.Just one more minute to get the words out. Complete a thought.One more minute nestled between the covers, mind wandering in a dream. One more minute of conversation before the needing and the wanting consume the quiet space. One more minute to take a deep breath before the next minute comes and I'll need the calm that one deep breath can bring.These are the days when I want just one more hour.Of play.And work....more

3-day potty training: it IS possible

Despite my reluctance to rid our lives of diapers, we took finally the plunge. Four weeks ago we spent three days training our little girl to go to the potty. And we haven't looked back.Potty training is one of those things that we parents regard with a healthy amount of fear. And not without reason - at worst, potty training can take weeks, maybe months, of frustration and mess. Such is the lore passed down from parent to parent....more

Ups and Downs of Parenting

I hear her voice through the tiny monitor speakers. It’s 7am. Right on schedule. The first words I hear her say every morning: “Hi Mommmeeee and Dadddeeee!” She is happy and excited and so full of cheer. That is how she starts her day. And mine.Up.I open the door to her room and greet her. “Good morning, my love.” At this point, it could go either way. “I want Daaaaady.” So THAT’s how it’s going to go today. From full of cheer to full of whine.Down....more
Wow, beautifully written! I feel like you really captured parenting in a nutshell - it is ups ...more

The important ones

I dash down the stairs and briskly push the door open. Out on the sidewalk I dodge pedestrians as I make a mad dash to my car.It’s 4pm and I must get to my car and on the road if I have any chance of making it home before 5pm. A few minutes late is no big deal, of course, but our nanny is a busy lady. She has places to go and things to do. And the earlier I walk through the door, the more details I get to hear about their day. I live for those details....more
I hope you got the walk outside you needed with the ones you love :)more

How often do you confront the fact that you are successful?

How often do you confront the fact that you are stepping up and you are successful?A co-worker asked me that in an email this week. I had just choked up while sharing some positive, client feedback with my team. It was the second time I had reacted that way in the presence of a compliment in less than a week.Still, I shrugged off his question. I haven’t felt particularly successful in any of my many endeavors lately but, overall, I know how to celebrate the victories, big or small.Or so I thought. Until yesterday....more