Just Dreamin'

 "I have a dream." How many times, in the almost 50 years since Mr. King spoke them, have they been repeated?   Did he have any idea the power those four words carried?   ...more

How to Stay Married 21 Years

The Handy Man woke me this morning at 5am.  "We should be together today," he said between kisses. I agreed. He left for work and I laid awake.  This is what you do when you have a big family and your anniversary is a couple weeks before Christmas.   I'll spend my day going to the laundromat and working on my book.  Tonight, we'll have pizza with the kids and watch a movie on TV.  (Don't worry, we'll get a real celebration after Christmas.) ...more

A Good Day

It's December.  I always love tearing off the last month's calendar page.  I like the way a new month looks--all clean and open.  A new beginning every 30 days or so.This month is one of my favorites.  It's filled with the possibilities of good days. It's a good day to... ...celebrate my oldest's birthday.  While I like to think of him like this-  ...more

The Music of the Night

 The night called to me.  It drew me out of bed, away from the warmth of my blankets and the body next to me.  Sleep was illusive, so instead of watching the minutes tick by, I got up. With cat-like stealth, I stole downstairs, laptop in hand.  I sat on the couch in the glow of the Christmas tree lights.  My dog joined me, confused by this nocturnal partnership.  He lay at my feet and snored while my fingers tapped the keys. ...more

Do You NaNo?



Remember that feeling, those fluttery dips and drops in your stomach when 'he' walked by?  He could drive you to distraction with a mere smile.  Where is he now?  Maybe he's in the next room, tied to you with a golden band and a couple of kids.  Mine is miles away, living with his wife and children that I've never met. It seemed he had such power, the future wouldn't be without him. If I saw him now, there would be no coming unglued. I might not even recognize him. ...more

With Friends Like That


What I'll Tell My Children

I'm a bit of a news junkie. I watch it everyday.  Friday morning, of course, was different.  After a half an hour of coverage of the tragedy in Colorado, I turned it off.  There was nothing new to report and I was tired of them repeating the terrible details.Since then, one of the popular 'news' features has been 'What to Tell Your Children'.  Various psychologists have weighed in on how we should help our young ones deal with this.  I didn't listen to them.  I know exactly what I'll tell my kids. ...more

Spread Your Wings

Some days I know I'm a bad mom. Others, the jury is out.  Unless the jury is made up of my younger children.  They're the ones in the midst of being sent to their rooms for misbehaving, or being grounded for being at a house that is not 'approved', oh, and for being on the roof of said house. (This was the 5 year-old. We won't go into the panic I experienced when I drove up and found him on the roof. I'm sure you can imagine it for yourself.)  The older kids have come to a place where they tend to appreciate me....more

Caps and Gowns- Endings and Beginnings