Not Having Sex Made My Marriage Stronger

Marriage is made up of so many parts: companionship, comfort, kindness, patience, love, sex and understanding. Marriage is sickness and health and all the other trying promises we secretly hope our marriage will somehow escape. It’s making good on love when things feel scary and uncertain. ...more
Heading into having baby #4 any day, I totally appreciated this - there are all kinds of reasons ... more

Why I Commit Time to My Small, Personal Blog

I started my blog,, around a year and a half ago with hopes of going viral and making tons of money on ad revenue. I read something somewhere that said that you should wait to put ads on your blog until you have a lot of regular visitors, so I gave myself a year to build an audience. I still don't have enough regular readers to warrant adding ads to my blog. ...more
I'm the same - I've given up on "finding a niche" and love being able to write what I want, when ... more

The Adults Should Know Better: How Teachers Enable Bullying in Our Schools

**I've edited a few words below, realizing that a sentence or two gave the mistaken impression that I was shaming all teachers or that I believe that our schools bear singular responsibility for the bullying that is so rampant in our schools. Please know I write this as a former public school teacher, parent, and currently-emplyed private tutor and student advocate. I think educators are undervalued and overworked. But I also think we need to be real about where our schools can improve. ...more
Such a good, clear article, thank you!  I dreaded my daughter starting school for fear it would ... more

5 Must-Read Posts on the World Vision Controversy

Bloggers have a lot to say about the Christian organization World Vision's announcement that they will hire employees in same-sex marriages....more
Seems the pressure had it's desired effect with the decision not lasting long: ... more

LIVE on CBS This Morning: #BlogHerPayHer

It's not every day we get to announce the State of the BlogHer Economy on national television. This morning it was my absolute pleasure to join CBS This Morning with Norah O'Donnell and Anthony Mason. Here's what happened: ...more
Wow, impressive stats and great interview!  So proud to be part of this diverse, passionate ... more

It's Time for a Frank Discussion on Vaccinating: Don't Be a Jerk

At the same time that Jenny McCarthy is learning that people are attracted to people who vaccinate their children, Kristin Cavallari is being hailed as the next Jenny McCarthy for her public statements on how vaccines cause autism. Meanwhile, back here on planet Earth—where opinions never turn into facts, no matter how fervently we believe, no matter how personal the loss or the triumph—the growing number of parents who have chosen not to vaccinate their children is in part responsible for a resurgence in diseases long laid almost to rest. ...more
Thank you for sharing this! Your voice is loud and clear, and necessary.  While I respect those ... more

A Working Mother's Changing Priorities: Why I Quit my Job after 3 Days

I have been working part-time for the past five years. Why? Since my kids were born, I haven’t been able to commit 100% to the world of the "Working Women." I’m now part of the “Mommy World,” which means very long hours, no pay, lots of sacrifice, and the ultimate reward of pure love. It also means wearing comfortable fleece or yoga clothes, "natural" hair in a ponytail, and un-sexy flat shoes (aka flip flops and UGGs). ...more
What a great, honest post.  I totally agree...I would rather live simpler than have my schedule ... more

10 Tips to Being a Happy and Productive Stay-at-Home Mom

I'm going to be giving some helpful tips on how to be a happy and productive stay-at-home mom today! I have to say first that even though some days are better than others, I always feel extremely blessed, lucky, proud, and happy to be a stay-at-home mom. Sometimes you will have an off day with kids crying and not feel productive at all, but that's what being a stay at home mom is. You are home with your kids and that's what matters! ...more
This is such a good list - I have 3 aged 5 and under and all of these are SO helpful to our ... more

5 Reasons I'll Never Be a Food Blogger

Every once in a while, I like to share recipes on my blog. Because I really do like to cook. And, I've had a few recipes that have been pinned a few times, which brings traffic to my blog. Win-win, right? But, today, as I was attempting to photograph another food item for another recipe share, I decided I could never become a food blogger. Like, EVER. Here are the reasons why. 1. I like to eat food more than take pictures of it. ...more
Hahaha, I loved this, hilarious! I'm a food blogger, but I love to eat waaay more than I love to ... more

Food Blogger Holiday Confessions: Food Is the New Four-Letter F-Word

My friends, food is the new four-letter F word. Man, do I get tired of food. Looking at food, thinking about food, making food, cooking food, writing about food, tweeting about food, Facebooking about food and creating with food. This time of year is exceptionally crazy for any food blogger who makes a living off of their site. Indeed let's broaden that to any food blogger with an active blog that they like to keep up to date. ...more
Love this!! So funny, and so very true :)  My kitchen is a constant state of disaster and I ... more