Beautiful Catastrophe: The Death and Rebirth of Becoming a Mother

So I was hanging out the other day with a friend who has a newborn. A freaking gorgeous newborn boy, to be exact. He is her first baby. She has recently become a mother. You know, when we hear those words we hear them like it’s no big deal -- “become a mother,” like you might “become a doctor” or “become a pet owner.” As if it’s just this thing that happens, without anything else happening -- it’s just this exciting addition to one’s life. You add this new thing and go about your business. Like a new-home owner, or a resident of a new town....more
This is just beautiful, thank you for sharing. When I was pregnant my midwife told me that ... more

Why I Won't Throw My Kid a Pinterest Birthday Party

I have a confession to make. My son just turned 6 this week. And... I dropped the ball, so to speak, on planning a big basketball birthday party like he had originally asked for. There are so many moms out there who are far more creative than me. It's easy to look at Pinterest (like this boy's basketball party, which is awesome) and think that I'm failing when it comes to throwing my children cool birthday parties. ...more
Fabulous! We are on a really tight budget so keeping things on the cheap was a necessity - in ... more

I'm Tired of Being a Mom

I was sure that motherhood was going to be so fulfilling. I mean, yeah, I knew it would be hard, but hard in a being-super-brave-through-tough-times-like-Florence-Nightingale sort of way, not hard in a grinding, miserable, I-hate-my-life way. Surely I would come out of those long, desperate, sleepless nights glowing with motherly love, just happy to have been able to offer my screaming child even a modicum of comfort. Surely I would be happy to sacrifice any and everything for my kid. Surely I would never, ever resent him....more
This is beautiful. I can relate to just about everything you said.  My son is 3 now, and I can ... more

I Don't Like My Son Very Much Right Now

I’m going to be honest with you guys. I’m really tired of my son. The level of disrespect and general level of unhappiness is becoming so distressing that I’m barely functioning as his mother. I don’t want to be around him. I don’t want to do anything for him....more
You are not alone! And it will be OK, maybe not today, but it will be eventually. I have many ... more

Stop Inviting My Kid to Church: Religion Is Not for Children

Recently, a few of Miss N's friends have been sincerely inviting her to church. This part will be touchy for people who do not believe the same as we do and I respect that; I'll raise my kids and you can raise yours. I do not think religion is for children. I think that they should be exposed to the beliefs of all people, and while I will tell my children "this is what Mommy and Daddy believe," I do not expect her to believe the same thing. I'll ask Miss N what she thinks -- and she has some really amazing thoughts on the matter -- but I will not tell her she is wrong if she disagrees with me about the big beliefs....more
I simply adore this post! Elegant, to the point, and full of compassion. One of the big problems ... more

No Excuses: Parenting Isn't Hard

Parenting isn’t hard. Well, okay, sometimes it’s hard. Sometimes I participate in a discussion about someone in public being mean to their child. By “being mean” I mean spanking, slapping, grabbing, yanking, dragging, yelling, name-calling, belittling, punishing and so forth. And there’s always someone in these discussions ready to declare that “parenting is hard” and we should therefore cut the parent some slack. And I just reject this wholeheartedly....more
Bravely and boldly said! I do think that parenting is very, very hard. It's the hardest job I've ... more

Why Does Using Daycare Give Me Guilt?

I am a mother. But I am also a woman, and a human. I have needs. And one of those needs is some quiet, alone time. So why does asking for it make me feel so guilty? I have no problem sending my children to day care while I am at work. I see this as a necessity. I happen to work a 4/10 shift, meaning I work ten hours a day, four days a week. I have Fridays off. We pay for daycare for the full week, but I rarely, if ever, send my children to daycare on Fridays. I feel it is my duty as a parent to never part from them....more
Interesting post and discussion on a rather hot topic among moms! I think the decision to be ... more

My Blogging Journey: Getting Lost To Be Found

Many moons ago—when my baby was not a 3-year-old pre-school attendee who has successfully stopped saying "fuck" & now says "fudge"—but a tiny 5-month-old, I decided I should start a blog. I remembered one day while sitting on my sinking couch that I once had a blog that I enjoyed writing on. And so I decided I should be a mommy blogger....more
I really like how honest this post is. I can totally relate to the issue of finding a blogger ... more

The Beauty of the Small Blog

I have a small blog. It’s small in a lot of ways. It’s small in audience. And it’s small in content. I’m not going to get a bazillion shares on Facebook or Google or anywhere else because what I write isn’t hilarious and it’s not practical, it’s just personal. So I’m happy with where I am. With the smallness of it that makes my blog a secluded creative space. I don’t get trolls, or nasty emails or people second guessing everything. And that’s thanks to the smallness of it. ...more
Thank you for putting things into perspective. For us small-timers, it's easy to get lost in the ... more