We'd Talk About the Little Things - #MothersDay

I carry around in my head a fantastical conversation where my mom somehow rips the time space continuum and moves heaven and earth and death itself to chat with me, if only for a little while.We don’t have much time, Baby Girl. What’s going on? Talk to mom. She grins.I’ve just been thinking about standing next to you in church during the responsive reading every Sunday.Okay, Babygirl, Mom’s listening…...more
So, so beautiful, Rochelle. I'm sorry you were missing your momma this weekend, as I'm sure you ... more

6 Gluten-Free Blogs to Change the Way You Eat

If you're exploring new eating patterns to see what makes you feel healthier, gluten-free works for many people. And you've been diagnosed with health condition tied to food (such as celiac, IBS or food allergies), gluten-free eating can save your life. Follow these blogs for inspiration, brilliant recipes, time-saving techniques, smart solutions, and support in living the GF life. ...more
Taylor Miller of GlutenAway.com is a now seventeen-year-old young man who has created quite a ... more

#YesAllWomen: Abortion, Rape and Why Shame Can't Keep Us Silent

Thank God I didn't ... Just Drive ..... ...more
henmom I'm honored and humbled by your comment and your interest in sharing my post with your ... more

How Kate Winslet Taught Me I'm Not Showing My Daughters the Right Things About Body Image

Recently, I’ve started to see my daughters’ bodies changing. Not quite puberty yet, but a little rounder here, a little curvier there. Yep, it’s almost time to have “the talks” in my house. I’ve done my best to protect their body images. I never talk about diet, although they rarely see me eat bread or pasta (seriously, goes right to my hips), try not to complain (to them) about the wrinkles and sags, and never complain when my jeans feel too tight. ...more
Fantastic post with great points. One of the most difficult aspects of life in a five-foot tall ... more

It's Time for a Frank Discussion on Vaccinating: Don't Be a Jerk

At the same time that Jenny McCarthy is learning that people are attracted to people who vaccinate their children, Kristin Cavallari is being hailed as the next Jenny McCarthy for her public statements on how vaccines cause autism. Meanwhile, back here on planet Earth—where opinions never turn into facts, no matter how fervently we believe, no matter how personal the loss or the triumph—the growing number of parents who have chosen not to vaccinate their children is in part responsible for a resurgence in diseases long laid almost to rest. ...more
Listen and learn and always ask where the "science" comes from.   Congressional Briefing on the ... more

Peanut Allergies: What My Kid Has in Common with Malia Obama

Yesterday, President Obama signed legislation that will directly affect my son. H.R. 2094, the School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act, was passed with bipartisan support to help protect students with food allergies, especially in a school setting. At the same time, Obama shared that his own daughter, Malia, has been diagnosed with a peanut allergy. ...more
@Sarah Keenan Harris Exactly!  My son can't have gluten or dairy (we limit yeast) and has ... more

You Don't Have to Like Me or My Kid (and His Food Allergies)

Tonight is meet the teacher night at my son’s school.Every year, parents all over the world worry whether their child’s teacher will be good for him or her, or not.  I, and millions of parents like me, worry perhaps a little more than the average parent because my son has sensitivities to various foods.My stomach is in knots.While it’s true that nobody has to like my kid or me, he is a child, and he deserves to be treated with respect and equality and to have adults not contribute in any way to his feelings of being less than or singled-out or bullied....more
hayes080505 Thanks so much for stopping by.  I wish you and your son well.  I wanted to include ... more

ANA Food Allergies: Halloween Could Kill My Child

This morning I am mad. Really mad. I am mad because I am hurt....more
hayes080505 EnlightenedMiddleMom I feel the same! more

ANA Food Allergies: Halloween Could Kill My Child

This morning I am mad. Really mad. I am mad because I am hurt....more
My son does not have life-threatening food sensitivities, but he has non-life-threatening ones, ... more

Why We Need More Moms in Politics

When I joined the U.S. House of Representatives in 2004, I immediately became part of an uber-exclusive club. Not just the 435 Members of Congress club, but the much smaller group of members who balanced their law-making chores with being parents to young kids. It was actually surprising to see how few members had small children. It struck me that Congress would actually be a better, more productive place if more of my colleagues came to work with the perspective of a parent....more
Here. Here!! I couldn't agree with you more, Debbie. As a mom, as a voice, as a voter, I have an ... more