Why Do Parents Say Odd Things to Their Children?

She picked up a cheese stick and yelled to her son, “Kevin, time for a snack!” There was no response. Again, she called, “Kevin! Snack!” Still nothing. Her voice got a little louder. Still seated, she upped the ante. “I’m going to eat your cheese stick!” she bellowed. “I’m opening it!” And finally, at the top of her lungs, “I am eating your cheese stick!” ...more
I don't think it's right to judge what other parents are doing with their kids, as long as their ...more

Scams 101: How to Spot a Con Artist

Tell people you’re writing a book on scams and everyone has an opinion. A typical response is, “You’d have to be pretty dumb to fall for one, right?” Well actually, no. Con artists don’t have time to administer IQ tests. ...more
the person I know offered (1) to sell "shares of stock" (eyewear "company") or (2) to borrow ...more