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Either Puerto Rico or Maui! I would LOVE to be forced to choose :) more

Is H&M Alone?

It takes a lot to rile me up, but a New York Times article outlining the wasteful behavior of H&M did it instantly. In case you haven't heard, a New York City H&M store was discovered to be destroying unsold clothing, including coats and gloves. The articles weren't damaged items, they were good condition items that for whatever reason simply had not sold....more

The logic behind the shredding makes sense from an image & business standpoint, but the ... more

When Mascara Attacks: Because not ALL beauty products are winners.

 At the risk of boring you with my intricate and multifaceted philosophies on where to spend and save in your beauty product budget (which, if I'm being honest, would likely involve charts, graphs, or at the very least, a Venn diagram or two), I will simply say this: I feel that mascara is one of the products where you can really save your money. The drugstore offers formulas that, in many instances, are of comparable quality to department store versions. And so it was that a few weeks ago, I found myself in the market for a new mascara, and the drugstore was my destination....more

I am so glad you reviewed this product, because I was SERIOUSLY frightened by the look of it. ... more