Fondness for cute is alive and well in this Asian girl. I totally squealed with delight when I saw a set of Hello Kitty silicone baking mould at the store last night. Of course I bought them and gave them a test run immediately after dinner. So much for not playing the typecast Asian. I’ll tell you more about this pet peeve some other day. I have Hello Kitty cakes to show off!Anyway, this is how the baking went....more

Lemonade and Zombie Party

Make lemons into lemonade is the recurring theme of my life the last couple of months. The ongoing saga of injury and athletic pursuit as well as the ebbs and flows of my personal life have been written here a few times. There is nowhere to look but forward so I try my hardest to make the best of situations. Last Saturday, I could have sulk over the disappointment of a cake that did not turn out as pretty as I hoped. It tasted great but less than photogenic was considered much too kind of a description. See for yourself....more

Blueberry Festival At Home

My weakness for good deals landed me with 4lb of blueberries in the span of one week. I briefly considered consecutive meals of nothing but fresh blueberries but that idea quickly went out the window. I’ll spare you from corny gems such as “I bake therefore I am”. Just take my word that I decided the amount of joy I would derive from baking 4lb of blueberries far exceeds the joy of eating them out of hand....more

Crossing The Boundary (Recipe: Miso Tahini Eggplant Dip)

When things cross the boundary from bad to absurd, I have the annoying habit to start cackling with genuine mirth. I pay for this dearly, of course. There had been at least two relationships that went down the drain because of my, ahem, inappropriate reaction. Had I assume a more sombre or at least sincere attitude, things could have turn out differently. But let’s not dwell on that anymore. I actually have a more light hearted anecdote to share....more


Gluten free. Vegan. Paleo. Dairy free. Egg free. Nuts free. Like it or not, these words immediately pop into my head when I offer my homemade food to others. I grew up in a family without any allergy concerns or diet restrictions, religious or cultural. If you like stereotypes, Chinese people would eat anything with four legs and the back facing the sky. That is not too far from the truth with the way I was brought up. I am thankful that my parents taught me to be an adventurous eater with seemingly seamless effort....more

Bribe For Affection

Today I share with you my secret to bribing for affection with baked goods. This is derived from years of experience and through rigorous testing. It may seem calculating and insincere but I prefer to think of it differently. If I am putting in the effort to bake you something, I may as well optimize the effort by going for something to impress and to be appreciated, right?...more


It’s a privilege to talk to those who live a long meaningful life. I spent last weekend at a skating friend’s parents’ home. Although our conversations didn’t really touch on any serious or personal subjects, their easy and confident manner exudes wisdom. I saw this too in my team owner when we went on a road trip from Fort Lauderdale to Cape Coral. The turn of events that brought him where he is today and the obstacles that he overcame. Wisdom is so very different from cleverness or quick wits which I see everyday from my peers....more

Down Time (Recipe: Stir Fried Forbidden Black Rice with Tempeh, Garlic Scapes, Crimini)

I thought things were slowly returning to an upswing but I was wrong. Last Saturday I fell during a ceremonial Walk To London roll and trashed my helmet. The fall was absurd and I am mad at myself for crashing under such innocuous circumstances. My helmet served me well and shattered as it should but I was dizzy for some time. After much consideration, I was taken to a nearby hospital in Washington DC on an ambulance, strapped to a board on the stretcher to immobilize me....more

Abundance Of Cuteness

The Snack That Smiles Back is not limited to day-glo orange Goldfish crackers. Not only did I bake snack that smiles back at me this week, my snack tastes even more addictive than those little cheesy fishies....more

It Rained Then It Poured

Note to self: never try to bake at 4am after stewing in tears and anger for an hour. What ought to be an easy jam tart featuring toasty cornmeal, crumbly buttery crust, and puckery sweet homemade plum jam turned into late night oven scrubbing. Trust me, it was not fun. Far from it....more