I Hate the Things You Love, Can We Still Be Friends?

I cannot tell a lie. Maybe it's because I've never been good at lying. Or maybe I'm still traumatized from that time in 1986 when I told my mom that I was going to a late movie with friends but went to a party instead and awoke the next morning to a note that said simply, "Call me at work about last night."  Regardless of the reason, I am all about telling the truth...even when it gets me in trouble. So, today, I have a few things I must confess to you. ...more
I don't get the quinoa or Nutella thing either.  I mean, I like Nutella okay but I'm not all in ... more

Banish Your Family And Prepare Yourself Because The Purple One Is On SNL This Weekend

I have instructed my family to get all their requests in on Saturday before 11:28 p.m. because by 11:30 I’ll be in a trance. I need those two minutes to mentally prepare for the beginning of a Saturday Night Live that won’t soon be forgotten, an SNL that will include (deep, meditating breath) Prince. Did that register in your mind? If so, did you flap your hands before fanning your face trying to get your blood pressure under control? ...more
Now you have me all excited about it and I'm not even that much of a fan!  I do love me some ... more

Your Bag Won't Always Be This Heavy, Mom

My sister Nancy tells the story about a time when her boys were under two years old and, as mothers of young children often do to keep from going insane, she visited a friend. Besides her two sons, Nancy brought along with her a backpack she carried in lieu of a diaper bag. It featured many convenient compartments and was not covered in ducklings or whales as were most diaper bags in the late nineties. ...more
Perhaps this is why most bags have more than one handle? ;) Lovely... more

What's In a (Starbucks) Name?

Amoeba. Armenia. Ambibia. Ar-na-by...what's your name, baby? It's rare for someone to say my name correctly on the first try. It happens, but it's rare. I've been called all of those above and a few others that make less sense. And by less sense I mean less sense of a seemingly normal person who thought Amoeba could be correct. ...more
Well, we both know how I like to say your name... ;-) Even if I say "Elaine", I still get ... more

I'm Jealous of Mothers with One Child

Not too long ago I sat around a table of other moms at a coffee bar, chatting about this and that and so on and so forth. I joined in by telling them about a mom blogger I admire, who jaunts around town, experiencing and writing about her fabulous life in the city. You know, with her ONE kid... And I emphasized the whole conversation with a big fat eye roll. Which was awkward, because I was sitting at a table SURROUNDED by women who had only ONE CHILD. And that's when I swallowed my gangly foot. ...more
My husband was petrified of multiples! He was always scared at the first U/S even though there ... more

Lonely: Surviving the First Year of Motherhood and Learning to Reach Out

Pushing the bright green stroller that my mother had just given me, my 3-week-old son asleep inside, I circled lap after lap of the closest indoor shopping mall to our house. It wasn't yet 8 a.m., but I was already there, alongside the early mall walkers in their white velcro shoes. I didn’t know it then, but I was doing the exact thing that I needed to be doing for my mental state at the time. I was getting out....more
I went back to work after my first son was born but not for three months.  Those were some of ... more

Letting Kids Climb a Tree Is Not a Crime

I missed my kids a lot this weekend. It’s rare that I leave them for a few hours so it’s incredibly rare to find me leaving for a few days. My momma heart ached being so far away, so feeling them in my arms could not come soon enough today....more
I cannot believe she told you that you were a horrible mother.  That takes balls, if you know ... more

Before Klout Scores and Stats: The Blogging Beginning

I was burning with things to say. I was sad. I was broken. Shattered and disappointed. I felt so alone. I could not have a child. So I sat at this computer and I typed. ...more
I need to remember to write like there are no stats more often. Thanks for the reminder. And ... more