My Gluten Story: gluten, fertility, and hypothyroidism

I am often asked when/why I decided to go gluten-free. It's a somewhat personal subject for me, as it relates to my trying-to-conceive journey, so I wasn't sure whether to post about it. However, I believe in sharing information and that open communication about difficult subjects brings people together and can potentially lead to an easier path for others, so this is the spirit in which I am sharing. If it's TMI for you, just go ahead and skip this post. ...more
Thank you for your story.  I am currently going through thyroid issues/diagnosis of PCOS and ...more

Penelope's Natural Birth Story

Before I tell my birth story, I have to say that about halfway through my pregnancy, I became committed to a natural childbirth. It's something that I researched a lot and felt passionately about by the time I finally made the decision. When I told people that I was planning a natural birth, I got a lot of negative reactions. I can't really blame them because I would have reacted the same way before I started researching. I think a lot of people don't really understand natural birth because it's so rare in our culture....more

Reproductive Choice and the Sympto-Thermal Method

Reproductive choice is a hot topic in the news lately, and I am completely for a woman's right to choose her method of birth control, but I am also for reproductive education. I think birth control pills are viewed as these magic pills that are completely safe without side effects, and so many of us just don't even think twice about taking them. But how much do we really know about birth control pills? How much does any of us research before taking them?...more

Going Vegan

I'm taking the plunge and going vegan, and I would like to share my reasons. You may have seen this post in which I discussed The China Study. I've since done some more research on the subject, and there is just no other decision I can make and still be the person I want to be, except to go vegan....more