What the Hair?

What the Hair?I love my hair. The hair on my head that is. Men are so lucky they don't have to worry about that embarrassing "unwanted hair." Women have to deal with our bikini-area, eyebrows, legs, arms and dare I say it -- the upper lip!!! GASP. Oh god no, I'm a woman, so why the hell do I have a mustache? Not to mention that as you get older, it only gets worse. Don't EVER look in a lighted magnified mirror because you will discover those "whiskers" on your chin....more

Spring Must-Haves

Bright Faux Leather & Pajama PantsIt's finally spring in D.C. (although someone needs to tell mother nature), and what better way to celebrate the start to warm weather than shopping some of my spring must-haves? At the top of my list is bright faux leather and "pajama pants" in spring-like colors....more

24-Hour Date

 They do exist Yes, they do exist. How do I know? I’ve had several and they are fun as hell!  What makes them so unique is that I only have a 24-hour date as counting if it’s a first date (or one super close to being the first). If you’ve been dating someone for quite a while it’s easy to plan a full day of fun things you two know you have in common. So, in my book, the 24-hour date happens spontaneously, essentially with a stranger that you just felt a connection with. ...more

Skin Therapy Classic Skin Regimen Must Do!

TO MY SURPRISE I have been unaware as to the fact of how many men and women are not sure where to start when it comes to taking care of their skin. Here are 4 simple steps to help you start your skin care regimen. ...more