In my family we have this weird thing were we like to scare each other. My mom lives to scare the crap out of me by yelling “boo!” from an “empty” closet. I sneak up on Sweet Babou and suddenly grab his butt; he jumps and I giggle my head off. Lilo and Stitch both creep up on me (often I am pretending not to see them, but sometimes they really do startle me) and yell, so that I am bowled over in shock and surprise. This thrills their little souls. Obviously, we all need therapy. ...more

How a Botched Rape Investigation Got a Toddler Murdered

Have you ever read about the mishandling of a rape case that is so horrific that your brain just cannot process it? Yeah? Now add on a dead toddler and you’ll get the hell that is the rape of Lara McLeod and the death of her nephew, Prince....more

Ah, That's My Stitch

My 8 yr old daughter Stitch likes computer games and to play on the X-box. She’s good at them, too. Recently, she got a hold of her first The Sims game and was frolicking amongst her electronic people last night. I thought I would take a moment to tell her about the theory called the holographic principle which postulates that WE are all on a big ol’ holodeck, and aren’t really that different from The Sims....more

Hello Foxy Lady

As anyone who sees my stuff on Facebook knows, Stitch told Spock what happens to animals left “too” long at the animal shelter and Spock lost her tiny mind with sadness. For days I was bombarded with WHY .. WHY do they have to put the animals to sleep? WHY don’t they build more shelters? WHY isn’t there more money for shelters? WHY is the world unfair? WHY? WHY? WHY? All of the questions were asked while she looked at me with her huge eyes the color of strongly brewed tea while tears streamed down her little face and her perfect little cupid-bow lips trembled. ...more

The Sky is Falling!

Yesterday, I was out on a merry jaunt around the neighborhood with the kids, the dogs, and my Sweet Babou when I was attacked by a maple tree. Seriously. I was walking along, happy as a clam when BOOM a maple tree casts down a branch upon my head.It hurt....more

She Gets It From Me

I am a punster. I like puns. I commit acts of pun. The people around me find this a punishment, but I  persevere.My precious middle daughter has been contaminated with my love of puns. Yesterday, she punned at the dinner table.Lilo was talking about a girl she met named Dawn, and what a nice name Dawn was. Stitch said, with a completely serious face, that when Dawn married she had better always wear underwear beneath her nightgowns. We all looked at her with puzzled expressions. That’s when a slow smirk spread across her face and my eight year old said,...more

A Finger With a Hat On It

The thing about living with a kid on the spectrum is that you never know WHAT is going to pop into their heads. Sure, it is usually rational when you examine it, but it can defy sociocultural expectation to the point of farce....more

Asbestos in Crayons V/S Healthy Snacks

Recently, I was invited to participate in a Back to School Safety project by The Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance. They are really, really wanting to alert people to the fact that that toy companies can and do put asbestos in things like play-action crime kits and crayons, and “there’s actually no ban on asbestos being in crayons by the U.S....more

What Lisa Wade Said

This involuntary guest post brought to you by Sociological Images. Kitchen counters and the pedophilic fantasy by Lisa Wade, PhD on August 7, 2015 I just have to say “wow” to this ad for Quartz counter tops, sent it by Lisa Ray of ...more