Gut Balance and Microbiota

So, looky what popped up on my news feed: “Imbalances In Our Gut Flora Contribute To The Obesity Epidemic: How Do We Fix This?”The article says that,...more

Happy July 4th! Here are some flatworm penises!

In keeping with my traditional posting of a weird animal dong to celebrate the 4th of July, let us discuss the flatworm’s meatstick. Well, actually the faltworm doesn’t have a meatstick so much as it has a hypodermic needle-dick … which it uses to inject sperm into it’s own head to self-fertilize when needs be. According to the study (done by Swiss zoologists because why not?): ...more

My Emotional Blanket Fort

Okay, the world is being shitty right now....more

Gaslighting and the Crazy Bitch

“Gaslighting” sucks. It is the phenomenon wherein someone (usually unintentional) uses the dismissal of a reaction to their behavior as “crazy” in order to shift blame from their own actions/words onto the person they have hurt. Any phrase that that says the equivalent of “Relax, you’re making too big a deal out of this because you are too sensitive” is usually gaslighting. It tries to convince the person who has been hurt that their REASONABLE feelings are completely out of line and they are in the wrong to be upset....more

Ferry Tail Books

Once upon a time there were three little books, named Tempted By Infamy, Courted, and Cupid’s Arrows. These books were written by Sylvia Ketrie and she loved them very much, but the books were sad....more

Name That Personality Disorder!

Charlie Sheen is at it again. He’s been releasing more horrible, hate-filled screeds against his ex-wife Denise Richards. On Father’s Day, dearest Charlie Boy released a tweet about two of the mothers of some of his children calling ex-wife Brooke Muller a “rok star” and ex-wife Denise Richards a “heretic washed up piglet shame pile”. Oh, the irony. ...more

In Praise of Tywanza Sanders

The name of monster who murdered nine people because they were black has been shown repeatedly around the internet. It should be. He should be looked at as a terrorist and reviled as one. However, I would like it if a different name sprang to mind in connection with the Charleston Massacre, because heroism and decency should be honored. That name is Tywanza Sanders....more

An Autistic Child is NOT a Criminal

This is, even without the overlying racial implication, vile in the extreme: ...more

Stay On Target If You Want the Explosion

Yesterday there was a article on Jezebel entitled “How to Become a Cunnilingus Master”. I read it, in spite of personal desire to remain on the receiving end of cunnilingus, because I wanted to know what would qualify for mastership. One of the things that struck me as the most accurate was this: ...more
LOL. Not any more, you're not the only person who thinks that! :)more

A Funny Thing Happened ...

There have been some funny things (both funny: haha and funny: odd) that have happened during and after my tonsillectomy, which I am not done whining about. As my faithful readers, you get to hear me moan and grumble about it all....more