Fire and Ice: Marriage and Menopause

I noticed something the other day. Something that my husband has been saying for a handful of years, but I dismissed because I thought he was either exaggerating or is a big sissy. He wasn’t and he’s not.It’s freaking freezing in here....more
I sit here nodding and laughing while reading this...with the air conditioning on. more

Blog Fail

 @HomeRearedChef A spreadsheet! Okay, now I'm just plain awed. :O)more



Workin' for a Livin'

50 Things I Know at 50

Nessie, Bigfoot, and Sparkly-Horned Unicorns

My generation is a unique transitional group, straddling old and new ideals of both family and career. And if I can be blunt, I think that the members of my generation—especially the women—were fed a line of boloney that put us in the rather ridiculous position of expecting to be able to do it all, and do it well. ...more
I agree with you. (:more

This or That

My granddaughter likes to play a game she calls This or That. It’s really very simple: you are offered two choices and you have to state which you’d prefer. There’s no opting out and no choosing both, and believe me, there’s no use trying to reason your way into either of those. It’s this. Or that. Choose. ...more

Ten Years Out

Do you go to your class reunions? I’ve gone to only one of mine—the ten year one. When the invitation arrived, I set it aside without much thought; I’d kept in touch with a good number of my classmates, so I felt no burning desire to attend. But then the phone started ringing. One by one, a network of old friends reached out to see who was planning to go, most taking the attitude of “Well, if you go, I’ll go.” The calls went on until there was a big circle of maybes, and then finally we decided to just do it....more

Our Last Supper


Breathing and Walking and Really Good Sex

I took a quick peek at today’s NaBloPoMo topic suggestion, “What is your favourite part about writing?” and thought, “Yes! An easy one to kick off the month.” And then I thought about it. Truthfully, I don’t have a freaking clue. Writing is automatic and instinctual for me—it’s right up there with breathing and walking and having really good sex (sorry, Sweetie)—that to isolate the one best part is all but impossible. ...more