You Said WHAT About Me on Facebook?!

When my son started school, I was all set to join the PTA.  But I went to one meeting and it basically it scarred me for life. The women that are the top of the food chain basically tore people apart behind their backs if you disagreed with them.My neighbor is the worst offender. She volunteers and complains constantly about it. So last week, she was again complaining and I asked her, "Why do you do it then?"  An hour later, she posted on Facebook, "A parent at our school approached me today and asked why I volunteer." Then she went on to say how she does it for her children, the community, etc.The problem is that all the responses that followed were like,  "What kind of parent would ask something like that?", "A parent like that will only give their time if they can get something out of it" and "I can't believe a parent would ask you that!" She really made me look bad. She made me look like I was against volunteering. I was shocked.I'm rarely on Facebook so I think that's why she posted it there. I'm not sure how to handle. ...more
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A Beginners Guide To WordPress

 When I started out online, I could have used a guide to WordPress. I started out with a blog about primitive crafts and antiques. It was a lot of fun, but I  had no idea what I was doing.  I certainly wasn’t selling anything.  I sure could have used a guide to WordPress back then!...more
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