My Take on Food Styling and Photography

When I first picked up a DSLR camera and began photographing/blogging regularly, I never imagined I'd fall so head-over-heels in love with food photography and styling. Nor could I have predicted that less than 2 years later, I'd be getting such incredible support from my readers, and more recently, an increasing number of emails asking for photography advice. I have no idea if this comes across online, but I'm actually quite a shy person in real life. It's truly a testament to you all that I feel quite at ease writing this post today....more
fabulous information, definitely worth reading and re-reading. Thank you for all the information! more

Grow Your Own Garlic

[Editor's Note: October is garlic planting season. Did you know you could plant a bulb of garlic from the grocery store? Neither did I. That crafty little gnome Adrienne Audrey makes it seem so easy I am going to try to plant my own garlic this fall. Tis the season to keep the vampires away. If you don’t have access to Holy Water garlic is the next best thing. -Jen]...more
Very interesting! We're open to trying to grow anything in fall/winter and will definitely give ... more

Tone Your Arms by Cleaning Green

[Editor's note: Get those arms bikini-season ready simply by spring cleaning -- with an extra green twist. -- Siel] The Greenest Cleaning Product — Elbow Grease. ...more
I use baking soda to give myself a leg up on major scrubbing jobs but you're right, steel wool ... more

Making Your Own Greeting Cards - Frugal & Fun!

I often purchase cards, and if you’ve turned over a greeting card to look at the price on the back lately, you may have been as surprised as I often am.  $5.00 for a card?! ...more
Really beautiful and creative. Since people usually write on the right side of a card, I often ... more

How to Bring Your Look to Life with Accessories

I’m a simple girl when it comes to fashion. I love feminine dresses and flattering skirts. The little black dress is always “the perfect outfit,” so I have a small collection. I’ve found that having a few variations of “the basics” (crisp colored shirts, tailored pants, jeans, basic tees) paired with the right accessories will give you more outfits than you can imagine. Here are six accessories that will help make a dramatic change to your look: ...more
LOVE these. Perfect ways to perk up budget-friendly basics and really make them your own. more