Sometimes, I Cook

 Don't dream it, be it. - Tim Curry I made a lovely curry the other night and posted crowed about it on the Book of Faces. A good friend asked for the recipe. No problem, I thought. I'll whip that together in a few minutes. It wasn't that difficult of a dish. *SIGH* I must learn some brevity when writing. Or, at least, when writing recipes. I can't seem to get the hang of just setting down ingredients and instructions. ...more

Amazing Sharks, How Sweet the Sound

Life is pretty amazing, wouldn’t you say?I mean, it is this constant, ever-moving, ever-changing maelstrom. A Sharknado, if you will, that is full of lessons for you to grasp....more

A Slice of Fiction: Better Days

  Had there been better days? She thought there must have been. She remembered hating how the dirt piled under her fingernails....more


There was a time when I was super confident in myself, in my abilities, in my special-ness. It was during my twenties, after I had escaped a particularly evil relationship. I was angry enough at everything that I just didn’t give a flying fuck what anyone thought. It is easy to be confident when you are young and angry, I think....more

A Slice of Fiction: Cicada Songs

Overhead, the sky was a perfect cerulean shell. The sun threw sharp glints of light off the pool’s surface. The leaves on the large cottonwood lay like limp flags. There was no wind to speak of, no breath of coolness to be had. The cicadas buzzed overhead. Wichita Falls in August....more

Seriously Cemeteries

WARNING: Very photo heavy post today.  This should be a music number, much like Little Shop of Horror's  "Suddenly Seymour" or something.At least, that is how I hear it in my head.  Maybe because I am a bit odd?  *shrug* ...more

Tonight, we dine in Hell. Or Torchy's. Whichever.

 I feel...I don't know.Out of sorts, bitchy?  Like something is very awry. Impending doom....more

Complete and Utter Fluff.

A brief parody(e). ...more

I'mma Let You Write Something, But Tubin' With Friends is the Greatest Thing Ever

I spent most of yesterday on a giant, yellow, inflatable tire floating down a section of a nearby river. There were friends, and margaritas, and splishy-splashy, talking and giggles, and and and...It. Was. Awesome. I did learn a few things, however. I feel I should pass these on to you, as a public service. Because I am a helper....more

Monday Grumps

I had posted on my FB a semi-grump, something along the lines of “Morning. It’s Monday.”And one of my good friends challenged me. “That it is,” she said. “And?”...more