Make-up Expiration Dates, Why They Matter

Every day or when I'm up to it, I bust out my make-up bag and doll myself up! There are some products in that bag that I've had for years, they are my favorites and products that have been discontinued. I've never thought twice about using these products until a couple days ago! I never once considered that just like the eggs, milk, cheese, and produce in my fridge that even my make-up has an expiration date! ...more
I was right there with all of you with my make-up.  When I saw this I was mortified.  I'm pretty ... more

Mix and Match Holiday Outfits

If you are anything like me, I have to really think about the purchases I make when it comes to clothing. I love fashion but I am also practical when it comes to how much wear I will get out of what I am buying. I love the holiday evening dresses just as much as anyone, but the truth is, I will wear it once maybe twice a year at most. I just don't have those types of occasions that often. So dropping 100+ dollars with a pair of shoes and clutch and accessories to go with it, makes me cringe. That's why I'm all about separates!...more
No I haven't! But I am fortunate enough to have a friend who's a wardrobe stylist. She gives ... more

Men are babies. That is all.

Men are babies. That is all. ...more
Can I ask a question, I have no idea how to join groups? How do you find the "green group" is ... more

How Green Is Your Airline?

I recently returned from a plane trip and admittedly, I enjoyed the amenities: wrapped headphones, napkins and ice-cold Coke in a can. Once home, however, I found myself going through what I used that day and wondering how much of it would be recycled by the airlines. Image: √oхέƒx™ via Flickr ...more
Thanks so much! It's amazing at what we assume and what is reality when it comes to people all ... more