Surprise! Your Instagram Photos are Being Used for Marketing

Another day, another story in the Wall Street Journal of how the photos we post to our social media accounts are being used without our knowledge.  That picture of your first Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte of the season, your kid eating Pringles, that Diet Coke can in your hand at the neighbourhood picnic: they're all being rounded up by companies such as Ditto Labs and used to know more about you so companies can best target ads or conduct research. ...more
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Why My Family Talked During the National Moment of Silence

Thursday at 7 p.m., thousands of Americans gathered together at vigils in memory of Michael Brown of Ferguson, Missouri, and the other people who have lost their lives in incidents of police brutality. As those crowds drew together to observe a moment of silence, my family talked. ...more
Beautiful piece from a very unique perspective. I'm so impressed with your girl. You seem to be ... more

How Should You React When Your Children Kiss Each Other?

It all started when the girls came downstairs with a guilty-ish look on their pixie faces. I'm praying that they will always carry such transparency in their eyes, but I'm not hopeful. "What'd you guys do?" Eden {5} looked at Ellie {7} for a cue, then back at me and simply smiled. Ellie didn't miss a beat and said with a bone straight face, "Nothing." ...more
I'm not quite sure how I feel yet. I have twin 3-year-olds - a boy and a girl, and they've ... more

Announcing the 2014 BlogHer Voices & Photos of the Year!

One community of greatness, thousands of submissions, 34 committee members to read every single entry (more than once)... And nine weeks later, we have the results: The 2014 BlogHer Voices & Photos of the Year! (Affectionately known—if not by all, then at least by us—as #VOTY and #PhOTY.)...more
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Can Blogging Help You Reinvent Your Career?

It took nearly 18 years before I realized that science just wasn't my passion. I was good at it, I had a bright future in front of me, but every time I took a coveted day off, I found myself wanting more. In fact, what I found myself wanting was to write. So I turned what I wanted to do into a career. ...more
I'm not at all surprised at all of the judgement that I'm reading in the comments. In the end, ... more

New Jersey Mall Shooting: I Almost Lost My Husband and Daughter Last Night

"I just want to tell you we're fine," he said in a soft voice. I could hear Becky crying in the background. At first, I thought they'd been in a car accident, but then my husband explained. "There has been a shooting at the mall. The Apple employees have us all locked up in their stock room in the back. We're totally okay, but Becky is a little freaked out." ...more
I don't believe at all that this is a gun control issue. This is a mental health issue and a ... more

Chris Brown and Whitney Houston: Entertainment Industry Fails Black Women

Chris Brown's "comeback" at the 2012 Grammys -- on the heels of the untimely death of Whitney Houston -- is a sad commentary as to how far society has to go in terms of respecting Black women....more
As a black woman, I don't believe at all that Clive Davis moving forward with his annual pre ... more

Pillow Fights, Baby Jellyfish, and A C-Section – My Birth Story

I know that I may receive some evil cyber looks and a few virtual middle fingers for this, but my pregnancy was, for all intents and purposes, wonderful. Outside of the occasional body ache and sour tummy, things went flawlessly. To add insult… I was having twins – A beautiful baby girl and handsome baby boy. (I could tell they were gorgeous from those fantastically fuzzy ultrasound images....more
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(CONTEST) Journey to Motherhood with Ricki Lake

Making my new documentary film series More Business of Being Born, I had the privilege of interviewing some incredible women (Christy Turlington Burns, Alanis Morissette, Cindy Crawford and Gisele Bundchen to name a few) to capture all the intimate details about their children’s births. Admittedly, I am a bit of a birth junkie but really I think that the underlying thrill of birth stories is hearing a woman talk about that indescribable moment when she becomes a mother. ...more
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Meet "The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl" Creators Issa Rae and Tracy Oliver

Turn on the television and there’s no telling what you’ll see in regards to Black people. Women in skin tight dresses on the hunt for "love". Women with the loosest of ties to basketball players throwing bows and pulling each others hair. Men dressed as women. Or men in polka dot pants and striped shirts calling for Cora. The lack of options can be frightening and make one feel as if all hope is lost for alternative images of Black folks....more
This is absolutely hilarious... Finally a show that gives a more realistic reflection of what ... more