Remembering Fluffy

This post is hard to write. It's also one of the bigger reasons I didn't write in December.Catford Manor is minus one member of our FurFamily.Our beloved ten-year-old Fluffy fell ill and succumbed to old age on December 19th. For two weeks prior, we nursed her, took her to the Vet, pushed medications into her, and loved her more than I even thought possible....more

Q&A: What is this Cookbook Project and How Does it Work?

Whether you're a long-time friend or an infrequent visitor to Frankly, My Dear... you're probably aware that I'm trying to raise funds to publish THE UNEMPLOYMENT COOKBOOK, SECOND EDITION....more

Dear Michigan...

I spent a lot of time in Michigan the last two days.Not literally, of course. But online. I chatted with my friends still there. I dreamed my way through I rewrote a short story about snow for my writing class.I spent a lot of time in Michigan.It's where I learned to point to the palm of my hand and say, "I live here."...more

Rest in Peace, Patrick O'Rourke

My friend Dan is one of those friends-for-life-no-matter-what type of friend.He's followed Frankly, My Dear from Day One. It was his encouragement that led me to start New Inklings Press. He was the first to buy The Unemployment Cookbook.We talk smack about sports, politics, and humor. All.The.Time. He's just a great guy with a great attitude and a great family.Dan and I have known each other since grade school. He still lives close to where we grew up in Michigan....more


I don't care if Chick-fil-A supports Biblical marriage. I don't care if Henson Productions supports homosexuality. I don't care.I do care that people are being legalistic instead of loving, and people are being bullies. I do care that social media is jumping all over it as if we're sending Earth's orbit straight into the Sun....more

How to Help a Mourner

I guess this is sort of a "Lessons Learned" post in reverse. Not so much lessons we've learned this last week, but more of a "What To Do" if you're ever in the situation yourself.One week ago, Dot's boyfriend of over two and half years passed away. In the week since, we continue to experience an amass of emotions and while some people have been wonderfully considerate, we've had some experiences that could have been avoided.This post is dedicated to helping people on the outside understand how they can (and can't) help someone in mourning....more

How to Survive a Midnight Movie Premiere

It's that time of year again: Summer Blockbusters are already starting to play at theaters across the nation, and with some of them comes the great adventure known as the Midnight Movie Premiere.For the seasoned professional, this experience is more than just a two-hour outing. But for the novice, it can be a bit overwhelming. And that's why I'm offering these useful tips:...more

More or Less: 29 Words

I recently completed my list of Ten Bible Verses I Try to Live By. The first on that list is what I consider to be my "life verse": the one I cling to and claim as God's word spoken directly to me....more
 @Isabel_Anders Thank you Isabel. I agree! It makes me sad that the enemy can twist things so ...more

To The One Who Lost Someone This Week and Others Who Are Hurting

It was a hard week for my People this week. One had a serious break-up. One lost a beloved pet. One lost a great-grandson. One marked the four-month anniversary of a death in the family.And still others I know are continuing their own ongoing struggles. Family, health, finances, employment... and so many more aspects.It seems that everyone I know ~ every one ~ is going through so much. Not just a little jostle, but a full-on battle to keep walking this tightrope of life....more

Would You Implant Your Child With a Tracking Device?

I wasn't really paying attention as the TV happened to be tuned to The View on ABC. I wasn't paying attention, until the topic began with the disappearance of Etan Patz in 1979 when he was six years old. Until I actually heard Whoopi Goldberg state make the following statement: "Is it too creepy for me to say, we should, we maybe need to start thinking about one of those little tracking things in children? Because they put it in our animals... ...more
@Kathy K  @Anita Davis Sullivan you have some really valid points. Let's make the GPS device for ...more