Navy Brat

I am a Navy brat. And proud of it. My father was an officer in the Navy. We moved between Washington and California four times until I was 8, when we finally settled in Washington. I have a lot of vivid memories of our trips between the two states and living at Camp Pendleton in California, including the sadness of when my father shipped out for Desert Storm and the excitement and anticipation as we waited (all day) for his return. I loved Veteran's Day assemblies when I was able to bring my Dad in to show him off to my school....more
Navy brat here too! Go Navy! (My kids are Air Force brats though... and my grandchild will be a ...more

Hitting the Pavement

I need to start working out more. "Hitting the Pavement" as my dad likes to call it....more
Good luck getting back into a routine! I too have trouble figuring out when the best time to run ...more

My son got Roseola

The last week and a half has been a tiring one in the Orr household. Jimi is sick. Nothing is worse than when your toddler is sick. They can't tell what is hurting, why it's hurting and what they need for comfort....more

Guidelines for feeding (my) picky toddler

Jimi has got to be one of the pickiest eaters, EVER. Well, that is not exactly true. He will eat almost any baby food offered to him. But if it is not mush, it is not going in his mouth. As soon as Jimi sees "table food" headed towards his mouth or placed on his high chair, it is met with pursed lips, head shaking, and throwing of the food. Occasionally he will shock us and allow something unexpected into his mouth. Such as, he once ate a tuna fish sandwich but refuses to eat spaghetti. What kid doesn't like spaghetti?!...more

Goodbye to Formula

I've never talked about it very much on the blog, (sorry if this it TMI) but Jimi was not so good at nursing. Or maybe it was my parts malfunctioning, but whatever it was it was never easy for us. From the beginning I was concerned with his latch but whenever I asked the nurses and lactation consultants for help, he would do it perfectly and they would claim there was no problem. I started using a nipple shield which seemed to help a lot until he was about two months old. Then he would nurse for an hour, stop, and just scream....more