Run Like a Girl

It's not just about the running.I've been a runner since the days when women were prohibited from running marathons on the excuse that too much exercise might hurt us. I attended the first women's Olympic marathon and, in one of the highlights of my career as a writer, got to have breakfast decades later with Joan Benoit Samuelson, who'd taken home that first Olympic long run gold....more
thanks for articulating the issues so succinctly.  the recent spate of girl power ads vary in ... more

We All Want to Raise Strong, Brave Girls

First of all, just writing that title made me go “AHJHJKJgajgdajsgdjhagdhja” because we all want this for our daughters, don’t we? We all want our daughters to grow up brave and empowered, able to stick up for themselves in an unpressured environment that, frankly, does not exist. And that’s really the root of all of this, isn’t it? The world is a rollercoaster. How do we help our girls ride without puking? Is there an antidote? An emotional Dramamine we can prescribe to keep them from feeling sick as they go up and down and upside down and backwards? ...more
Girls are not always neat and sweet. They don't always measure up to an idealized, version of ... more

Nancy Kerrigan & Tonya Harding: 20 Years Later

The recent announcement that Ashley Wagner was named to the U.S. figure skating team was big news. But outside the rink, the controversy over the choice of Wagner over fellow skater Mirai Nagasu barely caused a ripple. This was nothing like the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan figure skating scandal 20 years ago  --  a scandal that ESPN named  as one of its most memorable sports moments of the 20th century....more
natalied6579  still a bit hazy who knew what when - but you're right. Gillooly (who has since ... more

She vs. Her: Why I Love/Why I Hate Super Bowl Sunday

Welcome to She vs. Her -- where we ask two bloggers with different perspectives to make their case. This week: BlogHer VP Lynn Forbes and her friend Katie Walters from An Authentic Life on Super Bowl fandom (or not). ...more

Articulate arguments on both sides (Lynn love your honesty) but it's tough for a female sports ... more

Up for a Los Angeles Pre-BlogHer '10 Meetup?

Update, 7/12/10: The Los Angeles Pre-BlogHer '10 Meetup will begin at 3 pm on Sat., July 17, at Mel's Drive-In, 1660 N. Highland Ave., in Hollywood!

Female Athletes: An Unspoken Sisterhood

Track:  passions Overview:Do you like sports? Did you ever play a sport? Does your daughter play? Chances are, most Blogher attendees will answer yes, and that's exactly why you need to attend this session....more

This will be a hot session. Topical. Relevant. Of interest to a wide range of women from ... more

The Recession is Killing Sports - On All Levels

This recession is hurting sports on almost every level. We already know that community sports programs lose donations at an alarming rate when things get tight. As parents get desperate to keep their homes little league sports and other extra-curricular activities don't seem so important anymore. Even the public school systems are in big trouble financially. San Jose's East Side Union High School District has proposed a budget that cuts out all athletic programs to save money. ...more

Now, more than ever, we have to support women's sports. Clearly administrators will blame ... more

What Makes a Kick-Butt Literary Heroine?

I like strong women. I like the women in the books I read to be strong. I don't like weak heroines that sit around waiting to be rescued. In fact, I much prefer it when they are the ones that do the rescuing. But what makes a kick-butt literary heroine? Is that they are strong? Independent? Opinionated? Do they actually have to kick butt? Or do we just need to like them? I think many people would consider Buffy to be pretty kick butt and she's all of those things (and ok, was mostly on screen but there are books). But what about Anne Shirley? Nancy Drew? Elizabeth Bennett? ...more


Japan Signs First Female Professional Baseball Player

I was so excited the other day when I heard that Japan had signed its first professional female baseball player. Eri Yoshida signed with Kobe 9 Cruise. Kobe 9 Cruise is part of the new Japanese Baseball League. Wait, it gets better. Eri is a pitcher. Eri is a pitcher with a mean knuckleball. Most Major League Baseball pitchers haven't mastered the knuckleball. Wait, it gets even better.  Eri Yoshida is still in high school. She is sixteen years old. ...more

The Japanese are always on the cutting edge and this time they’re making history by signing ... more