Wine is Good For You!

You’ve been drinking wine for years, and enjoying every drop of it.You just always looked at it as your end of the day reward, a little something just for you. Well now you can pat yourself on the back, because it turns out you’re doing something very good for your health....more

High IQ Cuts Women’s Marriage Prospects

A high IQ is a hindrance for women wanting to get married while it is an asset for men, according to a study by four British universities....more
An interesting difference between highly intelligent women and men:  the men are okay settling ...more

Mental Barriers Hamper Obese Women’s Efforts To Get Exercise

Tailored programs could help curb aversion and improve adherence to weight loss plan.For arachnophobes, it’s difficult to kill a spider as it scurries across the floor. Those who are scared to fly might not ever set foot on a plane. While nothing physically stops people with these aversions, a mental barrier can keep them from the task at hand....more

So You Think You Can Write?

You are an established author and have already published, or you have aspirations to become a writer but you haven’t got a clue how to go about furthering your vocation.Welcome to ‘Angie’s DIARY‘, the site that allows you to find out how to write or how to write even better!We are an established community for writers and editors, connected by a love for the written word....more

Bogus Reviews

One of the consequences of the Internet is the devaluation of concepts that we used to take for granted: Reviewers and Reviews. Nowadays everyone can do his own reviewing, from books, plays, toys, games, movies through restaurants, hotels, travel-arrangements and people. ...more

Smoking Increases Depression in Women

A new study reveals that women who smoke are at greater risk of developing major depressive disorder. The study has been published today the British Journal of Psychiatry....more