Amina Filali and Violence Against Women in Morocco

 Demonstrations in Morocco after the suicide of Amina Filali  Image source...more

My Suffragette Grandmother

Scandinavian Women's Suffrage Association Minneapolis, May 2, 1914 (Image source)  It's International Women's Day and I'm thinking abo...more

The Importance of Educating Girls

Fifth grade class in Chuchoquesera, Peru...more

Raising Boys Not To Be Total Jerks

@victorias_view I think the most important thing for me was to say something instead of just ...more

Why American Moms are Cheering For Licia Ronzulli

  photo source: ReutersThis photo of European Parliament Member Licia Ronzulli with her baby is spreading like wildfire through my Facebook news feed.  My friends are mostly moms in their 30s and 40s  so I speculate that they had an emotional reaction when they first saw the photo.  I know that I cheered and teared up a little, almost simultaneously.   Then I asked myself, "Why?"...more

When Your Family Gets Bounced From The Nobel Peace Center

It seemed like a good idea at the time, taking the kids to the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway.  According to the website, this was a place where "children of all ages gather to have exciting, thought provoking and fun experiences."  But our family never made it past the museum shop (where there was an unfortunate incident with the peace soccer ball display)....more