Hanging With Elephants in Thailand

The risk of reading travel posts is that one's bucket list tends to grow longer and longer. Check out this incredible adventure post from an Australian mum and her boys while adventuring through Thailand:...more
I am happy to have this part of our travels highlighted today.  To clarify, our family is not ... more

Enough with the Mompetition, Okay?

In the world of parenting, I am a noob. You'd think now that Little Man is four, I'd have achieved a moderately higher rank by now. But alas, I have only one child. And he is only four. And I am *gasp* a young mom. Only 26. I mean, my kid is alive now... but from all the unsolicited advice and thinly veiled threats, I wake up every morning thinking Child Services might be staked out in front of my house waiting for me to make a wrong move....more
I loved this--I figure as a parent, there are a million ways to mess up your kids, and we're all ... more

The Vulnerability Hangover

In Brene Brown's Daring Greatly, she talks about what happens after you allow yourself to be vulnerable. She says, with a little help from Leonard Cohen, "often the result of daring greatly isn't a victory march as much as it is a quiet sense of freedom mixed with a little battle fatigue." She sometimes refers to this as the vulnerability hangover. ...more
I don't know if it's being an adult in general, or being a mother--but the passage of time is a ... more

How Do You Find Your Best Self?

For a lot of Laura Dave's The First Husband, Annie struggles to figure out what she wants. She was incredibly lucky to be struggling with some really great choices but mostly she struggled with herself. What if her best self is someone she never imagined being? ...more
When I take care of myself--eating right, exercising, leaving time here and there for myself--it ... more

What's Your Perfect Travel Destination?

In Laura Dave's The First Husband the main character, Annie, is a travel writer. I used to think that being a travel writer had to be one of the most awesome jobs a person could have. I've met a few over the years and yes, it can be a fabulous job but it's still a job and it does have its downsides. I've also learned, like Annie, that's there isn't a perfect travel destination....more
Thailand, Cambodia and Laos are top on my list of places to go--somewhere that feels so very ... more

Griffin's Lobster & Eggs From the Author of The First Husband

"This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook -try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!" –Julia Child...more
I'd kill for a lobster right now...this dish has been on my mind since reading the book! more


In Laura Dave's The First Husband, the main character is a little bit superstitious. Annie is convinced that every time she watched the Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck movie Roman Holiday something bad will happen. I can understand why she believes that. Every time she's watched it something bad has happened. ...more
My boys are heavily into making sure they don't step on cracks (so, you know, they don't break ... more

Be The Opposite of You

In Laura Dave's The First Husband the main character, Annie, is advised to be her opposite. She's coming off a break-up and she is inclined to wallow -- something I completely identify with, I must admit. When her friend advised her to do the opposite of what she wanted to do -- to be her opposite, I was intrigued. What would that be like?...more
This line stood out for me as well, because I was never a teen who experimented with different ... more

My Daughter Got Lost in the Boston Subway

I only let go of my child’s hand in the Boston subway for TWO SECONDS (I swear) to point out a feature on a map to my husband. We turned to see a train’s doors closing and pull out. Oh no! What line was that? Did she get on it? Was she nearby? We called her name, and no answer. We were jostled by the afternoon crowd. ...more
We were camping at a large national park in Victoria, Australia.  My 7-year old son told my ... more

A Birthday Wish of Kindness

Is there anything better than unexpected kindness? My pal, Lisa, and I recently passed out homemade baked goods in downtown LA - bouncers, DJs, valet guys and homeless folks - and I'm still glowing from the experience. This December birthday girl wants more of this community vibe instead of gifts. I think she's off to a great start:...more
My #2 son's birthday is December 15. On particularly cold days here in Colorado, I make a huge ... more