Julia M. Chambers

Bits About Me:I am a juried member of Art of Texas, the EtsyHookers Team and... read more

Julia M. Chambers


Bits About Me:

I am a juried member of Art of Texas, the EtsyHookers Team and Austin Craft Riot (formerly EtsyAustin Street Team) and two time Maker for Maker Faire Austin (both years they came to Austin).

I compete in NaBloPoMo each November and am a mother of two teens. I also served my time as a military wife.

I love Dr. Who, motorcycles, spiders, pianos, writing, astronomy, meditation and numerology. And that was astronomy, not astrology. Though it’s OK too, just not as interesting. And I’m pretty in love with Steam Punk.

I love to crochet and do a little of every kind. I believe myself to be a trend-setter. I find crochet to be very centering and meditative. I use a variety of texturing techniques and custom tools as well as yarns from around the world. I also am passionate about crochet hooks and their design and use.  (Umm, yeah, there are different shapes and uses.)

I prefer more complex and textural work, as well as using a variety of tools and fibers within a single project. I don’t use patterns. And prefer what I make to be soft against the skin. Much of my work has been inspired by the needs of chemo patients, especially children.

I am a member of Spirit Jump.

I’m also co-founder and Director of Operations for a local charity: www.RoundRockKidsDay.org. However it will be awhile before we do another event.

I’m proud and respectful of what the art of crochet and the history behind it. I endeavor to promote crochet as an art and shift the perceptions of the general populace about what crochet is.

Bio: Julia is a crochet designer and hand-carved crochet hook designer in the Austin, TX area with a background in music and writing. 

With over 35 years of crochet and piano in her life, and a family far too familiar with cancer, Julia’s crochet work is often designed for chemo patients and charity too.

You can find her elsewhere online as BikerMom on Ravelry, @AberrantCrochet on Twitter, her store at http://PixieWorx.Etsy.com and her crochet blog at: http://AberrantCrochet.wordpress.com and her whimsical occasional blog at http://TheDifferenceBetweenADuck.wordpress.com

You can also access her galleries via:  http://PixieWorx.com.