Twelfth Night: Celebrating the Last Day of Christmas with Cake & Tradition

"While the celebration of Christmas once lasted for 12 days, now it seems to start in early October. Too often, the Christmas holidays can whimper to a close in January, and I like the idea of one final, festive night to enjoy the music, the candles and the confections of the most special season of the year." ~ Culinary Types ...more

 We enjoyed a wonderful, if brief, more

Don't check, carry! Tips for packing the perfect bag

I'm sure you've heard by now: American Airlines is charging $15 for each bag you check with them this summer. You know, because it doesn't cost ENOUGH to travel already; now you can PAY to possibly have everything you are bringing with you go missing or get squashed. It's almost enough to make a girl stop checking her bags. ...more

I think I can handle the one bag *if* I allow myself to go buy an outfit when George Clooney ... more

Sex and the City: Bad Charlotte

Dear Charlotte: This is a little awkward because we don't really know each other. I mean, I know you: I've been to the spa with you (and by "been" I mean that I sat in my friend's living room watching your spa escapades on the screen while I drank a latte), I've been to your art openings, I've watched you have sex with a man from Chabad. Just trust that I really do care about you even if half the infertile world wants to impale you with the heel of your Jimmy Choos. ...more

You know what would have been a more "perfect ending" would have been Charlotte ... more

Send in your questions for Carly Fiorina, former CEO of HP, now campaigning for GOP's John McCain

BlogHer has the honor of interviewing Carly Fiorina this Friday, when I'll sit down to record a podcast with the former CEO/Chair of Hewlett Packard, the first woman to lead a Fortune 20 company and, as of March 8, leading surrogate and fundraising chair for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Sen. John McCain (R-AZ). ...more

As a home educating mom and McCain supporter, I'd like to hear his response to the recent ... more

Everyday Spirituality: Holy Moments in your Home Life

Twelve days ago, my family and I moved from Seattle, Washington to Copenhagen, Denmark. As we scrambled for dinner the first night—and ended up eating pizza topped with breakfast bacon—we quickly realized that Danes don’t have much of a take-out culture. In Copenhagen people shop within walking distance of their apartments, usually from small grocery stores that have a very limited amount of pre-made foods. So, that means – yes—cooking from scratch. ...more

THank you for including me in your fantastic list of links. Really a great list - I can't wait ... more