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I am an American recently relocated to the States after living in Seoul, South... read more

Babies' foreskin used to make cosmetics- Is this ethical?

The question of whether or not to circumcise their newborn baby boy is often the first of many life-altering decisions parents makes on behalf of their baby. Whether you find yourself for or against circumcision is not the subject of this article (though it could be a subset of it). The issue in question is whether or not it's ethical to use babies' foreskins in the making of cosmetics. ...more

>> there needs to be full consent involved <<

And since not one national ...more

Are Michelle Obama and Corporations on the Same Page for Working Families?

We don't need any more studies, discussions or navel-gazing about whether things need to change for working parents, especially working moms, when it comes to sick leave, flex-time or child care. Parents are struggling to manage family obligations and keep their employers happy. But corporate America still seems to think that whether and how to provide options for families need more examination. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that First Lady Michelle Obama won't let them get away with it. ...more

You are right on this point. Many moms I know extoll the virtues of being able to leave work ...more

Britney: Unfitney? Or Misunderstoodney?

Britney Spears lost her children on Monday. After a court order, she voluntarily surrendered them to her babydaddy, Kevin Federline (A.K.A. “FedEx”). Or at least her babydaddy’s bodyguards. What does this all mean exactly? And why does the world still care? “I don’t care,” I hear you scoffing. Well, close the tab then. No! Wait! Come back! Ahem. Anyway, someone cares. Lookit this picture of these paps around her car! They’re like pimples on Sienna Miller’s butt! ...more

I have mentioned to my step-daughters (ages 21 & 23) on more than one occassion, Britney Spears' ...more

Hey Tubby - We'll Play You for Sympathy First, Then Laughs

Dear American Media: Let’s start this letter with an astute complaint from The Sarcastic Journalist: “There are many things in life that get my goat. One of them is when someone dresses up as a “fat” or “ugly” person for the media.” Her comment was prompted by a recent episode of Entertrainment Tonight, in which host Vanessa Minnillo. (“who weighs about 10 pounds soakin wet”) was dressed in “fat” suit and prosthetics, then sent out do exactly the type of cutting-edge, gritty investigative journalism that we have come to expect from ET. Yes, we were going to learn how it feels to be an overweight (which the show finds synonymous with “ugly”) woman. ...more

I enjoyed your post. I also saw that preview and I did not find it amusing at all. I can't ...more

More parents v. Delta: Boobs bared in Burlington

I just wanted to post a quick follow-up to yesterday's piece about the New Mexico woman who was asked to leave a Freedom/Delta Airlines flight because she had the nerve to nurse her toddler on board. Although Emily Gillette (the mother in question) has filed charges against the airlines through the Vermont Human Rights Commission, the locals didn't feel that that was quite enough. ...more

I think it's a uniquely Western perspective. If we saw more of it, it would become 'the new ...more

Please keep Betty ugly!

Liz Thomson mentioned "Ugly Betty", a new show coming up. It's based on "Yo soy Betty La Fea", a longrunning telenovela (169 episodes!) from Colombia. Here's the IMDB entry on it. The show was so successful internationally that it also became an animated series. Its basic premise in the Latin American version: Betty, a fashion designer, is smart as hell, but ugly. Her female co-workers are all really pretty and make fun of her. Wackiness ensues. Then she gets a makeover. This sounded a little annoying to me — like the world needs another woman who takes off her glasses and becomes magically beautiful? Why the show was so beloved? ...more

While I too think it's unfortunate that human society labels people who are different from the ...more

Online Sexual Harassment of a Blogher in Cambodia

Cambodian Blogosphere and Cyberspace is, for the most part, a warm and supportive online community of Cambodians in Cambodia and spread around the world, ex-pats in country blogging about their experiences, and others like me who are interested in the country's beautiful culture. Sadly, there is a dark side.  Read Jinja's post from last week about blogher Cambochica  (Angie Manzano) a writer for 'Off Our Backs' magazine and who was volunteering in country for Voluntary Service Overseas.  Her blog started to attract the attention of Darren Conquest (a.k.a. Lord Playboy, a forum moderator at, an online community interested in discussing tourist attractions. ) There were flames, nasty comments, personal attacks, and plagerism.  Jinja provides links and detailed accounts here and here.  (Lord Playboy's version of events is here) Details are Sketchy, another expat blogher blogging from Cambodia, tells us that Lord Play ...more

If it's offensive to you, don't read it. If it's hurting someone, he's wrong. ...more

I do not care about the World Cup

Not one bit. There, I've said it. If that makes me unsuitable for blogging about Europe, well, so be it. But no matter how hard I try, I can not whip up one bit of enthusiasm for this international event. If anything, over time, I have become more and more unwilling to interact with even the tiniest bit of news about Soccer's Ultimate Culmination happening right now in Germany. ...more

We just moved to Seoul and, while I've never been a "sports person" before (I'm American and ...more

We've come a long way, baby... sort of....

Contributing Editor Mir also blogs at Woulda Coulda Shoulda and Ty's Toy Box. It's satire. At least, I hope it's satire. I'm not really sure. It has to be satire. Right? People are just not getting that it's satire? ...more

You mean you weren't up and ready with make up on holding his juice out for his hand? :-). My ...more