Searching For Dolphins

On our recent trip to the beach, I plucked a pamphlet from a shelf of 200 others that boasted “Dolphin Tours.” Each one I looked at had gorgeous pictures of dolphins pirouetting through the waves, twirling in the wake of boats and smiling their toothy grins to the delight of equally smiling children and families lined up on a boat.Call me “Sucker”...more
This made me think of how when I was a little girl going to the beach every weekend - crossing ...more

You have the right...

I want to talk to you quickly about two rights that you have as a human…1. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO YOUR FEELINGS…Lately I have had several people come to me with their problems that they are facing. There is always this disclaimer before they begin…”I know this is nothing compared to what you have been through!” Oh boy…now that is a phrase that makes me cringe worse than the annoying whistley “S” sound my 6th grade History teacher did when she talked. That’s a bad cringe right there, friends....more