How 125 Bloggers Surprised Katherine Stone at BlogHer '14

A few months ago, I was quietly added to a secret group online with a singular mission: come up with a way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Katherine Stone’s life saving website, Postpartum Progress. Created by A'Driane Nieves, a mental health blogger (and 2014 VOTY reader), the group quickly grew to over 125 people. ...more
postpartumprog Yes, so amazing! Had me in tears. You deserve it so very much!more

My New York Internship: The Job That Was Not a Job

I was making, roughly, $70 a night as a waitress. Two hundred dollars sounded amazing. This sounded like a golden opportunity hovering in the air, just waiting for me to seize it. ... Part of the Women @ Work series, sponsored by AFL-CIO. ...more
If only you could share their real details so that others could avoid the same fate!more

Announcing: BlogHer ‘13 Newbie Networking Workshop & Conference Mentors

Each year, BlogHer welcomes newbies to the conference with a special breakfast and welcome to break the ice, get to know other people who are there for the first time, and to get acclimated before the hustle and bustle of the programming begins. This year we’ve got a few new additions to the newbie breakfast to help you get them most out of both that session, and the rest of the conference! ...more
Thank god for this list. I'm excited and nervous about the start of this conference that I've ...more

After Miscarriage: 5 Stages of a Missed Due Date

There is no right or wrong way to be sad. We all know this. I also know that there are some kinds of sad that are not talked about as openly as others. Working on my grief for this miscarriage has been both short and long. It vanished for several months, but as the due date for Tartan approaches I am overwhelmed with deep sadness. ...more
The due date totally took the wind out of me. I had managed to completely forget about it until ...more

Unmarried Moms: A Look at the Numbers

Numbers follow us everywhere we go. Our height, our weight, our shoe size, our age. Statistics. They are just numbers. Math with no feelings attached. Want to hear some numbers? In 2011, 4.1 million women reported that they had a birth in the last year. Of these women, 35.7 percent were unmarried at the time. ...more
@lifewithRoozle The other irony/ flaw of this study is, of course, that it doesn't take into ...more

On Absolutes and Ending Up Where You're Meant To Be

There have been many moments in my life when I recognized that I was standing at a crossroads. Going one way would change my life, going another way would keep it the same. Not moving was something else entirely. I have made choices and then looked back and fretted, "Did I make the right decision?" ...more
Hello there, Dresden! Wow! Right between the eyes, a great post. I cannot wait to see the movie. ...more

Raising a Feminist Son in the Princess Culture

When I found out that I was going to have a son I was so surprised. A boy? What? Immediately I had visions of this super aggressive and dominant child. Isn’t that what they are? They are The Man. They are the ones oppressing women. And now I was going to have to parent one. No opportunity to continue the “girl power” culture that I loved so much. But a funny thing happened when I met my son -- I started to realize how destructive girl power can be to boys....more
I  am not a feminist by any means, I am actually sort of a traditionalist who was raised with ...more

My Son Is Beautiful -- Just Like Me

At some point in my life I told myself that I was not beautiful. I thought it, accepted it, and lived with this self-declared statement for decades. I had made the assumption that real beauty, TRUE beauty, was defined as shorter, thinner, less pale, less splotchy, more everything I wasn't and less everything that I was....more
For YEARS I used to hear "oh my God, your daughter is so beautiful! She looks just like her ...more

Becoming a Single Mother by Choice

Making a choice to parent on your own is huge and it is scary. It is also liberating. You are making a decision and acting on it on your own timeline. You are calling the shots about when you will become a parent. ...more
Gosh, I love this post and want to sit down by a campfire on a beach and talk to you (and Issa) ...more

Letting My Son Buy -- and Wear -- a Skirt

He saw it immediately, didn't want to look at or consider any other options. I could tell from the grin on his face that this was The Skirt. We swiftly made the purchase and were almost to the car before he started clamoring, "Come on! Let's get it on! I want my skirt!" So in the parking lot of Target, I taught him that putting on a skirt is exactly like putting on shorts: one leg, then the other leg, and up. He patted the purple layers with affection and told me, "I have a skirt."...more
So, um, masculine equals going forwards, feminine equals going backwards. Awesome!more