A Whole Lot of Lists (And Fabulousness)

  In accepting the Fabulous Blog Ribbon, there are five rules I need to post and follow:1. Thank the blogger who gave it to me and share the link back to the awarding blog.2. Name 5 fabulous moments in my life. 3. Name 5 things that I love. 4. Name 5 things I hate. 5. Pass this ribbon to 5 deserving bloggers....more
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Greens — Glorious, Overabundant Greens!

Great as leafy greens are, there are times when they can be overwhelming. If you buy your greens in those neat, manageable bundles at the supermarket or natural foods store, no problem. Those can be used up in a flash. But if you belong to a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm, grow greens in your own garden, or become overly zealous at the farmer’s market, you might occasionally find yourself with too much of a good thing....more
I think I'll be trying the greens dip. That sounds delicious!   One thing I do is to add cooked ... more

Do You Return to See if Your Comment Was Answered?

You leave a comment, perhaps even asking a question or making a point that you know would be volleyed back if you were in a face-to-face conversation, and sometimes the blogger picks up the thread and answers you back to continue the exchange of thoughts and sometimes they don't depending on technical limitations, time, or connection.  But the question is: do you return to the comment section to see if it was answered there? ...more
I check back regularly, but to make it easier on myself, I go to the Comments link in My ... more

I Is for Idea

An IDEA is what lurks behind this blog (or any piece of writing)—urging the words forward.So, writing about “idea”—when the idea of doing so was ITSELF an “idea”—well it’s kind of like the proverbial snake with its own tail in its mouth. (Or the Escher drawing of a hand drawing itself ...http://www.allposters.com/-sp/Drawing-Hands-Posters_i122118_.htm )...more
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Quitting the Q: Goodbye, Home Shopping

I’m coming out of the closet as a former viewer of QVC. Sadly, I can’t stomach it anymore. Yes, the astronomical prices of gold and silver have taken a little zest from my life. Goodbye, QVC.For those of you who are sane, reasonable people who don’t watch television shopping, QVC is the biggest shopping network. On TV for over 20 years now, the company got its hold over cuckoo Americans like me by hawking gold and silver jewelry. Oh, and of course cubic zirconias, the diamond look-alikes that once sparkled in my ears....more
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(PICS) BlogHers Walk the Runway

BlogHer '12 rocked the fashion. Like, literally. With a runway and everything, thanks to lead sponsors 6PM and PetSmart. Want to see pictures?...more
 @SunbonnetSmart.com Robin, thanks for the heads-up on video footage! I need to check this out. more

(PICS) BlogHers Walk the Runway

BlogHer '12 rocked the fashion. Like, literally. With a runway and everything, thanks to lead sponsors 6PM and PetSmart. Want to see pictures?...more
Awesome pics! And some amazing clothes. You all worked it, and I've discovered some new cool ... more

The Kindergarten Cut-Off Dilemma

I’ve been running around the last few weeks buying school supplies for The Big One to start 3rd grade at the end of the summer. I’m a bargain hunter (never pay retail!), so I’ve been buying a little here and a little there, whenever I find a good deal. And every so often, as I’m getting him ready for school, I realize that The Little One could have been starting kindergarten in the fall too. Maybe. See, try as I might to get him born earlier, he was evicted born 13 days after the cut off date. 13 stinking days....more
My son starts kindergarten in September. His birthday is in the first week of October, and this ... more

I've Been Lying to Myself: My Child Is Spoiled

"I think we're spoiling her," he replied. "She never asks for anything because she doesn't know what it's like not to have everything." When my mother-in-law was visiting us last August, she looked around E's room with a mixture of wonder and confusion. "When I was a kid, we were so poor we had nothing...just one doll, one puzzle, one book. I can't imagine what it's like to grow up with all this stuff." I looked around at the bins of stuffed animals, the giant bookcase stuffed with books, the cabinets full of blocks and puzzles and crayons and games. It hadn't seemed excessive to me before. It was just what she had. It was what every kid we knew had....more
This is so tough. I struggle, too, wondering if I am finding the right balance with what my ... more

Can We 'Get Real' About Sex in Church?

A few weeks ago my close friend Tina called after a difficult week at church. Her pastor was preaching a series about marriage, and he was all about "getting real."From her perspective, "getting real" meant that he was about to talk about sex....more
"If we want to get real, our best bet is love." I agree 100% with that. These days I'm having a ... more