If vs. When

During the meeting with our IVF nurse on Monday, I was very aware of the fact that she used the phrase "when" each time she referred to the success of our cycle. I usually use "if".If AF arrives in time before Thanksgiving.If I respond well to the stims.If we retrieve enough mature eggs.If we fertilize any of those mature eggs.If we get to transfer this month.If we get a BFP.If I manage to carry to term. ...more

We have a Calendar!

Well, folks, it would appear that this show is on the road.I took my first BCP last Friday, and will take my last on the 18th. The goal is to have my suppression check and start stims the week of Thanksgiving, with retrieval the week of December 5th. Ack! I am officially overwhelmed. In a good way, but overwhelmed nonetheless....more