Do We Ever Really Leave High School?

Lissy Ryder, the main character in Jen Lancaster's new novel, Here I Go Again, never really left high school. She hit her peak during those four years and stopped growing and reaching. When she discovered there is life after high school it was a complete and total shock. While we may not all be like Lissy, I still see references every week online to things being just like high school....more
We may leave high school, but the mean girls never go away. There are cliques and bullies no ... more

Who Do You Want To Be?

When we first met Lissy Ryder in Jen Lancaster's novel Here I Go Again, she didn't know who she wanted to be. She was still focused on who she had been. Her high school days has been her glory days, so why should she want to be any different than she was in her teens? During the course of the novel she learns that if you stay who you were, you'll never become who you are supposed to be....more
Career-wise, I always knew what I wanted to be. It really was only recently that I realized who ... more

Would You Like To Go Back In Time?

In Jen Lancaster's new novel, Here I Go Again, Lissy Ryder is given a potion that can help her right all her wrongs. Being the person she is, Lissy doesn't approach it cautiously. No, she throws it back like it's an espresso shot. When she wakes up and realizes she's back in the past -- back in high school -- she's elated. That would not be my reaction. ...more
Nope, not at all. Not from a "dont want to mess up the future" perspective, just more of a "it ... more

Music Tells Your Story

One of the things I probably identified the most with in Jen Lancaster's Here I Go Again were the discussions between Lissy and Brian about music. When you are teenager, few things feel bigger than the music you listen to in high school. It becomes the soundtrack for that part of your life, and you carry it with you going forward....more
Goo Goo Dolls, Slide. I used to listen to that one on a CONSTANT repeat... and pretty much ... more

How Soon Is Too Soon For Couples Therapy?

Since I had not read Bared to You, the first book in Sylvia Day's Crossfire series, I was surprised to find that Eva and Gideon were in couple's counseling. Based on what I had read to that point in Reflected in You, their relationship still seemed young and new. By Eva's own admission, they hadn't been together that long:...more
There were a lot of times during the book where I wondered whether Gideon and Eva were trying ... more

The Magical Post-Breakup Makeover

After a breakup, particularly one you did not initiate, your self confidence can take a bit of a beating. During this time my friends and I frequently turned to the magical healing powers of a post-breakup makeover. We would change our hair or buy a new outfit and they became our new armour against the hurt....more
So I kindof married my first boyfriend, so I've never felt the need for a complete breakup new ... more

What Does Independence Mean To You?

At some point, we all strive for a little independence in our lives. We want to make our own decisions -- call the shots. We want to control our own destiny. Eva, the main character in Sylvia Day's Reflected in You, craved independence from an early age, in large part due to the fact that in many ways her mother was dependent on the men in her life. ...more
Independence to me is the ability to support one's self, and make decisions without relying on ... more

How Do You Recharge?

Sometimes, we all need a little time to recharge. We each have our own way of doing that. Sometimes we do it alone. Other times we call upon our friends and loved ones to help us recharge our batteries. In Sylvia Day's Reflected in You, Eva recharges with her best friend, Cary. ...more
Reading, reading, reading. It's truly the best way for me to escape from the noise and realities ... more

When Alice Became Supermom

When Alice wakes up on the gym floor in Liane Moriarty's What Alice Forgot, she's a very different Alice. She's lost ten years of her life and and Alice quickly finds that she's changed a lot in ten years. To begin with, she's actually at a gym. The people around her treat her like she's very capable and organized. Who is this Alice and when did she become Supermom?...more
I am definitely a stronger, more capable person than I was 10 years ago- but really, who can't ... more

What If Your Mother Forgot About You?

In Liane Moriarty's What Alice Forgot, we get input from a few different characters besides Alice. There are also Elizabeth's letters to her therapist and Frannie's letters to her dead fiance. I found myself wishing that we also could hear from Alice's oldest daughter Madison....more
Of course we could have learned a ton from Madison, but I don't think that her childhood angsty ... more