The Sweetest Words.....

The sweetest words I heard today came from my husband.  We're shocking kid-less at dinner time and usually that unexpected event has us running out the door to have dinner out on the town.   But we are have realized that this kid-less moment is really a taste of what is to come with college looming in our future and we have got to learn how to cook for two again.  I suggested chicken salad sandwiches, because we love them and our kids hate them and my husband suggested the sweetest thing.... "Let's watch the Olympics." ...more

N Is For Natty

I remember going to see, in the actual movie theater no less!, the movie The Journey of Natty Gann.  I was in love.  I loved Natty, with her flat cap and boys clothes and her rough and tumble ways.  It was the first movie I saw John Cusack and as previously posted here, I love him. ...more

Sunday Morning Coming Down

There is just something about the sound of Johnny Cash drawling out the words to 'Sunday Morning Coming Down' that sets my toe to tapping and my voice to singing.  I know it's not a hymn, and it's more of a hangover song, but on Sunday mornings, I can't help but think of the song, and wish I had the Sunday smell of someone fryin' chicken. Currently, I have the smell of an over full kitchen garbage. It is exactly the wrong smell for this spring Sunday morning coming down. ...more

M Is For Music

My children's voices are music to my earsOut of tune piano keys fall unheeded on my tone deaf ears...more

L Is For Living

This is what I've Discovered:Life is a Gift, an OpportunityIt's Unexpected, an AdventureIt's Fragile and UncertainIt's Promising and HopefulI will live FiercelyCompletelyTotallyAt the endI want no RegretsI'll slide into Home BaseSatisfied with a Life Well LivedShort or LongIt's the only Life I've gotI'm Enjoying the Hell out of it....more

J Is For Jam, Jar, Jet, Jelly, Jem

I avoided the game of Scrabble as a young person because I am a terrible speller.  Actually, I am a great speller.  I know when I'm spelling a word wrong....I just can't figure out how to spell it right!  I am often amazed that I can read (and read voraciously) because I do not understand phonics.  My daughter can attest to this: she recently tried to get me to make the sounds certain letters make and I literally could not. ...more

I is for I

I love clogs and dogs and overcast mornings.I love mochas and beaches and rolled down windows.I love wishes and kisses and front porch sitting.I love rhubarb and zucchini and tangled weed gardens.I love cigars and tattoos and salted rim margaritas.I love books and cross-stitch and classic old movies.I love Jesus and Momma and all points between. I am a sum of allAdded, subtracted, divided, multiplied...more

H Is For Happiness

Happiness isThis lovely sunshineThe smell of mowed grassNew growth on an old bushGarden planningMouth wateringDreaming green dreamsHappiness isThe promise of Spring...more

Kids Are Still Kids

It's nice to know that even though my kids are teenagers enough to look like this during the little kid Easter egg hunt:They are kids enough to look like this when they see their Easter baskets........more

G Is For Good Morning

G is for good morningThe frost is lightly lyingThe sun is peeking outThe neighborhood is glowingThe girls and I are upHubby and kids are sleepingCoffee is softly perkingThe warm smell so invitingThe house of quiet is peacefulExcept for the one barking dogI rush to hush this disturbanceShh! You silly little puppyWe may be early risersBut let's let it be a Good MorningFor the still in bed tired sleepers....more