I Need My Public Face

We all know that face. The one we put on when we're not at home. The smiling happy face that portrays someone who is doing great.She has it all together. She's coping well with her loss and grief and disappointment. She's handling things with such dignity. She's going to be ok. Some days that face fits comfortably. Other days it just feels like one big lie. On those days I wish I could just rip it off and scream at the top of my lungs....more
I can only hold the public face for so long.  I still have moments when I'm not strong enough to ... more

New Labels: Widow, Single Parent

When a spouse dies and you have children two things happen at once. You become a widow(er), and a single parent. Simultaneously.Overnight I adopted new labels. One moment I was married. The next I was not only widowed, but the sole care provider for our daughter.What do these new labels mean? Do they mean anything at all? I would say it depends on the day. If I am missing my husband, my friend, I feel quite widowed. Other days I accept that he is gone and I embrace that I am single. Single-with-experience....more
I hate the word widow.  That one word makes me feel so powerless.  I hate the single status too ... more

Giving a Loved One Permission To Die

How do you tell your dying loved one that it's okay to go? I watched my stepmother do it with her 37-year-old daughter who had breast cancer and I can't even begin to imagine how hard it would be to get those words out. Fresh Widow has written an achingly honest post on this difficult subject:...more
This is a very hard decision to make.  My husband passed away in April 2012 due to complications ... more