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"I'm Not Your Friend, I'm Your Mother!"

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3 Tips on Politics, Friendships, and Facebook

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Reminiscing Halloween

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Happy Birthday & R.I.P. Edward Wolfe Faltynowski

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@garnet76 Hi Christine, I don't always check back here at Blogher. Yes, Eddie had a brother ...more

One Little Word - WITH

A Life Full of Days...I wrote this specifically for what makes unschooling work. But in reality, this probably is what makes ALL parenting work......more

Spoonbending & Firewalking

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I Don't Understand "Christian" Hate

A Life Full of Days... Chick-Fil-A Controversy has brought an issue to the forefront for me...again.  For those who are not aware:...more


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The Wild Parrots of East Austin!

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If I Knew Then, What I Know Now

Lifelong LearningParents with children older than mine would look at me when I expressed concerns and say, "Don't worry," or "They'll figure it out." Sometimes they'd tack on, "Just have fun with them." They were so right. And I LOVE that they were! ...more