Is It Really Possible To Be 'Friends With Benefits'?

Have you ever thought of having a casual, no-strings-attached relationship…?So depending on where you lay your head at night, the temperature is about to drop, and the nights are about to get a bit brisk. Throw an empty side of the bed into the mix and that could spell out for a pretty cold and lonely winter. Unless you want to dabble in an arrangement of "friends with benefits"....more
I may be in the minority but I have passed up a number of chances to be friends with benefits ... more

Can I Love Him If I Don't Trust Him?

The last time I was in love like this, I was 22 and a hopeless mess. I’d loved everything about that man, and when it ended, I thought I’d never find anyone like him again. And I was right—I didn’t. Thank heavens. ...more
I agree with Psychesfancy, you need to decide whether it is the porn or the lie which bothers ... more

Sexual Regrets: I Wish I'd Experimented More When I Was Single

Sometimes I’m standing in line at the post office or the grocery store—your typical hubs of domesticity—and I’ll see a man. A feeling washes over me, dropping down into my belly and lower. It’s a feeling of pure electric want, softening my brain and making my skin hum. Image: b4ssm4st3r...more
I gave you an answer in another blog of yours but now I am wondering if the person you talked ... more

All the Things Wrong With a 9-Year-Old Accidentally Killing Her Shooting Instructor

On Monday, a nine-year-old girl accidentally shot her gun instructor as he was teaching her how to handle an Uzi at anArizona gun range and popular tourist attraction called Burgers and Bullets. Image Credit: CNN...more
Even for the sake of argument, suppose there is some unknown reason this girl was put in that ... more

I Was Told I Wasn't "Pretty" On A First Date

I can honestly say that I have been on some of the worst dates in the history of the world.  And, of course, I totally checked the history of the world before I made that claim to fame.  Today, I’m going to share one of my more treasured memories with you. You may want to sit down for this one.  Scratch that.  Grab your laptop, find a friggin’ bed and lay down.  Yeah, it’s that bad....more
I  think I would put a different spin on this.  Were I the guy in this situation, I would be put ... more

Would You Consider Having a Threesome After Marriage?

1988 was a banner year for me.I was separately invited by two male college friends to engage in a ménage à trois with them and their wives. I was never flirtatious with or attracted to these men. I didn't have a tongue bolt, a belly ring, pierced nipples or tattoos, which is how I pictured a sexual libertine. I wore button-down shirts, penny loafers and, on occasion, glasses that made me look like Sally Jesse Raphael with more hair....more
The trouble with sex in a relationship, married or not, is that it can be the "deal breaker" ... more

My Online Friendships are REAL Friendships

I have a good friend that said to me a few months ago, “Well, you know that this isn’t real life, right?” referring to my excitement about interactions on social media related to my blog. I quickly responded with, “Of course, I know it’s not real. I can just walk away from my computer any time.” But then I started thinking.  ...more
the dnifference between offline friends and those online is the distance involved. Our face to ... more

Thoughts on Grief: There Are No Coincidences

Yesterday was a very bad day for me. For whatever reason, I was very emotional. I was on the verge of tears for most of the day. Every time that I thought about crying, I tried to think about something else, to change my mind....more
I have thought about that often over the years, and yes, I am the emotional kind who may not ... more

I Was Raped and Abandoned in the Snow

I'd like to tell you a story. It's about a 14-year-old girl who was manipulated by a 17-year-old boy. He and his friends coerced her to drink and drink until she couldn't walk, and then they raped her. They dragged her, crying, out to the car, and dropped her off in the snow of her front yard in the middle of the night. You might think I'm talking about Daisy Coleman, and you'd be right, I am. But I'm also talking about me....more
I think the most important thing about sharing a story like this is that there are so many ... more

Moms with Postpartum Depression Don't Kill People

It doesn’t matter who she is, what her history is, or how old her child is.  If a mother commits a crime or does harm, postpartum depression will be mentioned within minutes. Not 24 hours after Connecticut mother Miriam Carey showed up in DC in her black Infiniti and started ramming barriers at the White House and U.S. Capitol, PPD initially was named as the cause. ...more
I have thought for a long time that this needs to be looked into more than it is.  Would a blood ... more