Christmas after the kids grow up...

I used to take the whole decorating for Christmas thing pretty seriously, especially when the kids were little. I wanted to re-create for them the magic of Christmas that I experienced when I was a girl....more

Around and around we go...

We've just sent the last November issue of the paper to the press, and that leaves four more issues to produce this year. The next few weeks will be filled with shopping, giving, baking, decorating--all things American Christmas.  During the holiday season, I'll cover as many Christmas events as possible. January is time to haul ourselves back onto the wagon of self-restraint.  We'll work hard for a few weeks to set goals, to organize, to lose weight, or stop some bad habit....more

Simple Sunday: Ruminations

I spent a few minutes this morning reading from one of my favorite childhood books, one called Little House in the Big Woods, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. As I start to write this blog, it occurs to me that I usually write about the same sort of things that Wilder did. She focused a lot on the natural world around her, and she wrote about family, farming, growing and preserving food, etc. Her family butchered hogs, smoked venison, and salted down barrels of fish, enough to last through the winter. They stored root vegetables in a cellar....more
Great post and i for one am gratiful for the invention of the slow cooker ! Hot meals at 5pm :)more

Kentucky loves a green bean casserole I received a press release at work yesterday which said Kentucky is number one when it comes to loving the green bean casserole. This press release came from the Del Monte company and included the basic green bean casserole recipe and several variations. Green bean casserole was never a part of my family's Thanksgiving meal until my sister in law began to bring it a few years ago. ...more

Finally Friday

Is there an Elf on Your Shelf?

Across the country, schools and homes have elves on their shelves to prompt good behavior.The elves are watching, you see, to see if kids are behaving.  If not, the elves will report to Santa, which means some unfortunate little boys and girls might not get what they want for Christmas.Decades ago when I was a youngster, there was no elf on the shelf.Santa Claus himself was watching us, or the Big Man upstairs. Like the popular elf, they were liable to be anywhere and everywhere....more

A little fall texture

Because we could all use a little extra serenity in our day

Cookbook and restaurant guide spotlights some of Kentucky's best dishes

One of the perks of being a newspaper editor is sometimes receiving complimentary copies of books to review.I jumped all over the chance to get a copy of "Kentucky Back Road Restaurant Recipes: A Cookbook and Restaurant Guide," because it features several things I'm pretty enthusiastic about: my home state, off the beaten path mom and pop restaurants, and plenty of tempting recipes.The book is part travel guide, part cookbook.It features a recipe from one of Irvine's own long-time favorite establishments, the little walk-up restaurant that we call "The Twin."...more

Long winter evenings make a lazy woman out of me

There were several things I could have done this evening, but because it's cold outside, and dark already, I've had little will to do them.In the winter, even though it might only be, say, 6 p.m., my body tells me I should be inactive.This evening, I did force myself to do some household chores, but the recliner kept calling my name. How about you?  Do you still have loads of energy and motivation when it's dark out, or do you choose a quiet pastime?How do you while away the evening hours when it gets dark this early? Do you knit, crochet, paint or write?...more
I agree.  Actually last night is the first night I felt nearly normal since the time change. ...more