BlogHer Book Club: Waiting List Open to All

BlogHer is thrilled to be collaborating with Penguin Group USA to bring you reviews of great upcoming books, author interviews, book discussions and much more! They’re all part of our BlogHer Book Club. ...more
I want to become a book reviewer it's what I love, put me on the waiting list.  Thanks so much ... more

(VIDEO) BlogHer '11 Closing Keynote With Ricki Lake, Carol Jenkins and Fatemeh Fakhraie

Watch as Lisa Stone, co-founder and CEO of BlogHer, moderates the BlogHer '11 closing keynote on how women are represented by the media and in the making of media in a discussion with Emmy Award-winning Carol Jenkins, former head of the Women's Media Center; Fatemeh Fakhraie, founder of Muslimah Media Watch; and Ricki Lake, actress, talk show host and director of The Business of Being Born....more
I am so glad I had the chance to see this video. more

I'm wondering what other moms think of this video...

I'm wondering what other moms think of this video... ...more
I tried to play it and it did not play for me can you send to more

Post-Breakup Hauntings: What They Mean

We've all lived it. You break up with someone and then suddenly, reminders of them start to explode no matter where we turn. Their favorite song on your Pandora station. Their favorite cult classic on daytime television. Their weird ring tone emanating from some stranger's phone! Here in Los Angeles, it's particularly bad. You can't go to the store to buy a tub of ice cream to cry into that you have to see your ex on a billboard, or God help you, in every tabloid at the check-out line. Why does this happen? Does the universe like messing with us or is it a sign? ...more
I am learning how to connect here hope to be friends. The hard part of divorce and I have a ... more

"Forever" Dies Hard

I didn't want to sell my engagement ring -- more out of obstinate pride than any sentimental reason. When my husband and I got a divorce, I did the tasteful thing and offered to return the ring to him. He told me to keep it. Leaving a cushy executive job made sense if one was going to be a wife. But surely I didn't think this silly notion of supporting myself as a writer was going to work out? "Keep it," he said. "You'll probably need to pawn it before the year's out." ...more
I sold my diamond when I got divorced, I am just that way, whenever a boyfriend or spouse gave ... more

How I became a Mother by Jackie Paulson (2012)

 How I became a Mother by Jackie Paulson © 2012When I first heard about writing my story of how I became a mother from
Nelle thanks for getting me on blogher as it is a new horizon of writing and an avenue for me to ... more

In the Hospital, I Became "That Mom"

He hit her in the face.He hit her in the face again.Doesn't he know that's my baby?How hard would it be to work slower, tug gentler, move that cord so that it stops hitting her repeatedly in the face? How hard would it be to cradle her head gently in his hands, rather than turning it to the side by pulling on the tube in her mouth?Can't he see it's upsetting her?Can't he see it's upsetting me?...more
I am in awe for the story and what you endured. I think the comments do the best justice for ... more

Mini Adventures In Realistville

Some people consider themselves optimists. They see a life as a beautiful crystal goblet, filled halfway full with a concoction so sweet that it puts a permanent smile on their face for all of eternity. Some people consider themselves pessimists. They see life as a half empty paper cup from McDonald's. The soda is flat and the ice has melted too fast....more
How do you do it all?!! I can say that we all have good days and bad, and I finally got old ... more

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

I have this fantasy where we win the lottery. We don't just win - we win big. Like an amount so large that it makes you feel dirty if you say it out loud. In our new found baller status, we'd sell the house we currently live in and build our dream house. Sell it? Excuse me, give away to the person with the lowest standards. ...more
Oh how I can relate..went from having it all to losing it all..and now rent my sisters ... more


Is it dumb to say, "did this really happen to you,." I did a legal paper on Roe vs. Wade...and ... more