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Why did you start a blog? My memory is slipping. Keeping a log of the occasional... read more

Jittery Cook


Why did you start a blog? My memory is slipping. Keeping a log of the occasional great meal seemed like a good plan. It also seemed apropos a to share with far flung offspring, nieces, nephews, friends, colleagues and now everyone. Another incentive was a successful kitchen renovation that left me filled with the joy of being kitchen bound.

Were you familiar with blogs before starting one? With all the incredible blogs out there, Jittery Cook never would have materialized if I had been a blog follower. Never having read a blog, and needing to be told to link with other bloggers, the experience was novel and intoxicating..

Why Jittery? The name Jittery Cook appeared in a flash. It has accurate connotations of a nervous cook, filled with performance anxiety. But, daring to write a food blog  can be attributed to being a foodie with a honed sense of what tastes good.

Do you have any other motivation for blogging? The desire to keep learning and sharing about healthy, tasty, simple food preparation is never ending. 

What is your food history? I come from three generations of fruit and vegetable wholesalers; my grandfather Max Botner, my father Henry and my brother Eric. Also three generations of fabulous cooks; my grandmother Frida Botner, my mother Norma and my sister Julia Richardson. Let’s just say I knew how to eat. Cooking for my own blended family was challenging, but now I feel free to explore.

How much interest has there been in the Jittery Cook blog?  Jittery Cook has inspired 31,000 page views and 266 subscribers (as of April 30, 2012). Every time someone appreciates my jittery efforts the drive to carry on is renewed. 

What would you like from Jittery Cook followers? I’m delighted when readers give me feedback, or recipes they’d like me to blog. Of course it’s fantastic when they pass my link around. Check out my new recipe 2 recipe sharing blog, featuring my readers favorite recipes.

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