I am home and ready to sleep in my own bed and it is good.When I was younger I loved traveling and sleeping anywhere. The adventure was all.Now, I love the leaving and the being away. But at the end of the day. I want to be in my own home, in my own bed....more

Time Well Spent

I spent this weekend in a mall, working at my one of my jobs, which is selling the pottery my husband and I make in our studio.It's an unusual way to make a living: making and selling something.Especially art.Most people have a pretty clear idea what that's all about. Much of the time those ideas are too romantic and glow-y to be real.Part of selling pottery is to sell the pot's story,  which is mostly our story....more

Sweeping Worries Under My Skin

What is not fun, should not be done--What one relishes one nourishes.I've gotten so good at sweeping my worries under my skin that sometimes it actually works and I forget about them....more

Choices and Failure

First, I have to think about what failure means to me. It isn't always an opportunity. Sometimes it is just a mistake or misstep, or misstatement. Sometimes it is just a failure.Sometimes I do it wrong. I think about something wrong. What do I mean by that?...more

Understanding Uncertainty

As if I could understand the state of Uncertainty. I do understand how I feel when I am unsure, or when I don’t know anything. Or even what to do next....more