Taking Stock {October 2016}

I haven't blogged in so long that I was looking for a way to come back and not write an extremely long post about life. In the past I've always loved the Taking Stock posts because they give readers a look into what you are doing right now. What you are loving, living, and eating which is super important right? ...more

Better Things are on the way! {Mom Giveaway}

I've been talking up the new FX show Better Things for over a week. Thanks for FX, I have a new favorite show!...more

Embracing My Mess {Life Lately} September Sixteen

via For weeks I have been trying to embrace my mess. To love and thrive in the chaos that is my life.In my mind, there are so many things to say, to write, to share. I'm overwhelmed at where to start.I'll start with summer and go from there....more

Profanity over Perfection: Why FX's Better Things is Everything!

Image via Better Things Facebook Page Better Things on FX is the perfect portrait of motherhood if your brand of motherhood includes; sarcasm, profanity, and very awkward situations. Rated MASL (mature audiences/sexual situations/language), it’s not going to be every mom’s shot of whiskey, but it is without a doubt, my cup of tea. Better Things is a new comedy on FX about single mom Sam, and her three daughters; Max, Frankie, and Duke ....more

What I Read {Behind Closed Doors: Book Review}

It's very rare that I purchase books that are of the psychological thriller genre. It's not that I don't like that genre, it's just not what I uaually read. Rarely do they have the happy endings of chick lit ....more

This Summer {2016}

It's August 1st. There are exactly 21 days left until our first day of school. Twenty-one days ....more

Becoming a Better Mother

Motherhood wins are so few and far between. Everyday is a battle, hard fought, and sometimes lost. Some days are superhuman with a home cooked dinner and laundry folded and put away ....more

I shouldn't blog about this.

I couldn't come back to this blog and write a bunch of fluff after the events of last Thursday. We are all adults here and my hope is that you can read this, understand a little more about me and move on. I'm not here to debate, I'm just here to write about the things I cannot stop thinking about ....more

Nine, in Mom Years.

It's hard to believe that my first baby turned...more

Nine, in Mom Years.

It's hard to believe that my first baby turned...more