Style Vs. Fashion

Yes, there is a disctintion between style and fashion.Fashion is socially dictated. It's what we see in magazines, advertisements, malls, and on the runway. It's the trends; yellow nail polish, flare pants, Americana, mainsteamed hipsterdom. Fashion is what others tell us we should wear, want, accessorize, purchase. Designers, magazine staff, marketers, they all make a living selling fashion to the masses. Hell, you could argue that that's what fashion bloggers are doing: selling fashion to the masses....more
So well said. The original beauty with fashion bloggers was just that, seeing how everyday women ...more

Following the Crumbs of Who I Am

I am the same age as my mother when she gave birth to me. Twenty-four years and some-odd months later, I still know so much less about her than I wish. She was a nurse, engaged to my cop father, with curly brown hair and a petite stature. According to the medical history provided to my adoptive family, she was the middle child of twelve, while he was the baby of four. The file listed only the basic information of health, appearance, and history. No identifiers. No mistakes....more
I felt and did exactly what you did and I've since found my birth mother so don't give up and if ...more